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Goodnight Sunrise – “One Pill” [Song Review]

Waking from its pandemic slumber, rock music gets a shot in the arm from Goodnight Sunrise’s adrenaline-fuelled new single, “One Pill.”



In a time when we’ve been deprived of live rock music for so long, what this particular writer wants is for our arena rock to come back bigger, brasher and louder than ever before. I want to head into some soulless enormodome and feel a band rock the roof off the place. Enter Toronto rockers Goodnight Sunrise who have, among their achievements to date, opened for rock superstars Bon Jovi in front of 16,000 fans.

With over 300 shows already under their belts, the Canadians are clearly already well versed in what it takes to rock a room full of people but the big question is can they transfer that energy to their new studio album? Well, if their new single, “One Pill” is to be used as an indicator, it would seem that the pairing of David Kochberg and Vanessa Vakharia have mastered that skill.

“One Pill”, a taster ahead of the upcoming album, is a polished, dynamic slice of modern rock. Inspired by rock giants like the Foo Fighters and The Pretty Reckless, Kochberg and Vakharia demonstrate the kind of connection that can’t be faked. Having been together as a unit since 2011, the understanding this duo have rings through the electric, soaring track. Built around a dirty, fuzzy guitar sound, Vakharia matches it with a voice and attitude as big as the beat stomping through these three minutes.

Having been stagnating in a pool of COVID misery for eighteen months rock music is back and it would seem ready for an injection of fresh blood. With that in mind, the release of “One Pill” couldn’t be better timed and with Goodnight Sunrise primed, here’s hoping they continue this energy into the new album because these Toronto rockers could be just the shot of adrenaline rock music needs.

Run Time: 2:56
Release Date: February 22, 2022
Record Label: Rejection Records

Goodnight Sunrise

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