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Vertigo Child and Broadside’s Ollie Baxxter Encourage You to Take “The Greatest Risk” with Their New Music Video [Premiere]

On his new single “The Greatest Risk,” Frank Pascarella, aka Vertigo Child, smoothly navigates the unchartered waters between R&B and hardcore music with an assist from the very special guest star Ollie Baxxter of pop-punkers Broadside.



You probably haven’t heard many artists who could competently bridge the gap between R&B and hardcore, so you may consider Frank Pascarella one of those rare exceptions. Pascarella, under his musical pseudonym Vertigo Child, smoothly navigates these uncharted waters in his new single “The Greatest Risk,” which features a guest appearance from Ollie Baxxter, vocalist for pop-punk band Broadside.

The song will be featured on Vertigo Child’s upcoming EP Finding Comfort in Strange Places, which will follow up a string of single releases over the past year. Beginning as a passion project, Vertigo Child has now become upstate New York native Pascarella’s primary endeavour, meshing together a modern R&B sound, with hardcore howls, pop-punk song structures, and more pensive, poignant moments. The verses are layered, the choruses are infectious, and the grooves are alive with spirit and intensity.

Describing the song in broad detail, Pascarella tells us:

“The Greatest Risk is a song about starting over or getting a second chance at something you’re passionate about. I had a lot of anxiety and nervousness about becoming a solo artist and starting Vertigo Child before I eventually took the risk and followed through with it. During that same period, I was dealing with the darkest depression I have ever gone through. I had so much uncertainty of where things were headed and I was so scared about the future. This song was one of the last songs that was written for my upcoming EP. It went through quite a few significant changes before it became what you hear today.

“The song is also heavily inspired by the band Broadside, and their vocalist Ollie Baxxter features on the bridge. Writing the song overall was a risk, as it steps into territory I haven’t messed with before. But it’s a song I’m truly proud of and I hope it inspires someone to take a chance at doing something they love, no matter how difficult it might be.”

Finding Comfort in Strange Places will be an emotional batch of new tunes, meant to capture both the anxiety and excitement of relationships, and all of the ups and downs, twists and turns, and zigzags that end up defining them. Pascarella skillfully brings so many musical elements together on this EP, and as evidenced by “The Greatest Risk,” styles are artfully intermixed with both finesse and subtlety. Although the EP was entirely written and recorded by Pascarella, Baxter as well as The Dangerous Summer’s AJ Perdomo do stop by with some wonderful contributions.

Young, stylish, and full of youthful potential, Vertigo Child is sure to impress you with his enthusiasm and his unbridled swagger.

Artwork for the single “The Greatest Risk” by Vertigo Child, featuring Ollie Baxxter