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We’re Having a Fit Over No Signas New Single “Tantrum” [Premiere]

With his latest single, “Tantrum,” and his new EP, ‘Venus,’ No Signal is plunging headfirst into new and daring musical territory.



No Signal

With his latest single, “Tantrum,” and his new EP, Venus, No Signal is plunging headfirst into new and daring musical territory. Nineteen-year-old Riley Schmelzer is the mastermind behind this brand new musical endeavour, one that the young artist is using to expand the possibilities of what he’s capable of as a musician and songwriter. Inspired by the push and pull that comes with rage, “Tantrum” is indicative of the musical complexity that Schmelzer explores on this latest release. It’s a more upbeat and energetic song than what he’s used to recording which was somewhat of a deliberate move on Schmelzer’s part, as he had begun to feel that his sound was in need of a bit of a jolt.

Venus is quite an impressive feat for such a young man; five extremely unconventional songs that make use of some very original and unexpected sounds. The EP’s musical arrangements are defined not only by the impressive guitars and vocal reverb, but also by the utilization of Tesla coil, theremin, EKG monitors, two-way radios, Moog synthesizers, and even members of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. Talk about distinct; this is more than that. You could say it’s unheard of.

Discussing the new song and its place within Venus, Schmelzer tells us,

“Given that my last EP, Shadow People, had such a dark tone to it, it was exciting to develop this fresh new sound. I used a tesla coil, intercom monitor and other ambient noises on ‘Tantrum’ because I wanted to introduce the conceptual elements of the record right from the start. I also like the aspects of tension that it brings forward. Leading the Venus EP release with ‘Tantrum’ was critical for me because Venus is a concept EP, and when I write music I always make sure to place the songs exactly where I feel they need to be chronologically to convey this journey. Usually, when it comes to the placement of the song it’s a bridge between the sound and the lyrics that are developing as it’s being written.”

While some artists are content with a rougher, more spontaneous sound, Schmelzer views music as more of an immersive experience that should entrench the listener into something more meaningful. Three-minute pop songs are fine and all, but there should be more of a focus on overarching musical concepts, and a story to tell, whether through words or through sounds. With Venus expected to be released on February 4th, Schmelzer can’t wait to welcome you even more into his post-modern musical adventure.

Venus EP Track Listing:

1. tantrum
2. kope
3. Venus
4. aphelion
5. zero

Artwork for the EP ‘Venus’ by No Signal