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Richmond’s Wolftooth Pick Their All-Time Favourite Heavy Metal Album Covers

From death metal classics to thrash metal bangers, Richmond warriors Wolftooth pick out twelve of their favourite heavy metal album covers.



You only need to take one look at the stunning artwork gracing the cover of Blood & Iron, the new album (out now on Napalm Records) from Richmond metallers Wolftooth, to know the moment you hit play you will be transported to a world of mythology, lore and legend.

Following the record’s release, we sat down with all four members of the heavy metal warriors and chatted with them about some of their favourite heavy metal album covers. From death metal to thrash to classic metal, the band has picked twelve absolute classics and you can read their choices and why they picked them right here.

Johnny Harrod (Vocals/Drums):

1. Quiet Riot – Metal Health


“I remember seeing this cassette in my dad’s car on weekend visits back in the ’80s. The cover was always pretty intimidating and reminded me of Dr. Doom. The album was definitely one of the first metal albums I ever heard.”

2. Cannibal Corpse – Butchered at Birth

“Funny story, with a fresh driver’s license friend and I went to the record store with the intent of buying some death metal just to be funny. This one immediately caught my eye because of just how gory it was. That was also the day I decided I loved death metal.”

3. Metallica – …and Justice for All

“In a sea of black and darker themed album covers, Metallica came through with the white/grey scheme which always stood out to me. The amazing artwork cannot be ignored, and the overall theme still resonates in today’s world. A true classic.”


Artwork for Wolftooth’s Top Abum Feature

Chris Sullivan (Vocals / Guitars):

4. Iron Maiden – Live After Death

“I had this poster hanging on my wall when I was around 16 years old I always loved the color palette that they chose for this album. The way Eddie’s body glows from the fire is super cool. Not to mention Eddie is one of the most iconic images on album covers ever for me.”

5. Judas Priest – British Steel

“This album cover always struck me because of the simplicity of it. When you look at this album cover you pretty much know what you’re going to be getting as far as the music goes.”

6. Molly Hatchet – Flirting with Disaster


“I have always loved this album cover I’m a huge Frank Frazetts fan. I’m a huge fan of fantasy or Viking-themed album covers and lyrics. I think this album cover embodies that pretty well.”

Terry McDaniel (Bass):

7. Warlock – Triumph & Agony

“This particular album cover has one of my favourite colour schemes. I remember seeing and buying this without ever hearing a song. A doomed-out Warlock with a kick-ass metal chick! What’s not to like?”


8. AC/DC – Highway to Hell

“Not only an iconic album, but this cover told you everything before you even played a song… the Angus sneer, the guilty smile of Bon Scott says it all. Pure rock n’ roll.”

9. Anthrax – Among the Living

“The creepy vibe from this cover is what stands out. The preacher character in the faceless crowd definitely had the ‘Kane’ (Poltergeist) vibe. Also, this was the second cover done by Don Brautigum, who previously painted Metallica’s iconic Master Of Puppets.”

Artwork for Wolftooth’s Top Heavy Metal Album Artwork’s Feature

Jeff Cole (Guitars):

10. Death – Spiritual Healing


“This was not only a landmark album but the artwork from artist Edward Repka was killer. There were a couple of faith healers catching some heat in the news at that time, and the song and artwork really reflect on that the only way a band like Death can do.”

11. Iron Maiden – Powerslave

“A classic Iron Maiden album with classic cover art. An Egyptian Eddie immortalized in stone in a temple with a pyramid?! So much yes to this album cover!”

12. Obituary – Cause of Death

“Fantastic art by Michael Whelan. The tree with the eyeballs and skulls was completely wicked at the time. Whelan’s art was used for paperback reprints of H.P. Lovecraft at the time, including the art used for this album.”


Artwork for ‘Blood & Iron’ by Wolftooth

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