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imPRESSED’s Top 10 Festive Releases for Your Holiday Playlist

As the end of 2021 approaches, so do jingle bells. imPRESSED found some real gems, ranging from unique takes on Christmas classics, all the way to original music that we can’t stop streaming.



As the end of 2021 approaches, so do jingle bells. If you’re anything like us, the holidays came out of nowhere this year, so we wanted to give you some help with creating your festive playlist to get you through all the fun – and chaos – this season has in store. We’ve found some real gems, ranging from unique takes on Christmas classics, all the way to original music that we can’t stop streaming.

1. “Joy To The World” by Katy Weirich

Weirich’s rendition of this masterpiece feels like it’s straight out of a cinematic feature. Her vocals are sure to give you goosebumps as she presents “Joy To The World” so beautifully, we almost feel like it’s our first time hearing the classic. This song is perfect for anyone looking for a modern, yet still incredibly classy, Christmas track.

2. “Tinsel and Tears” by Gina Naomi Baez

Gina Naomi Baez surprised us with a rare take on Christmas music. On “Tinsel and Tears,” Baez touches on the pain of heartbreak during December. Whether you’re experiencing a breakup or just missing someone this year, this song will provide you with some comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

3. “Christmas Without You” by Audrey Dubois Harris

Harris’ voice is the true stunner of this single – Christmas music and sopranos fit together like milk and cookies. “Christmas Without You” longs for a lover to hold close under the mistletoe, and we can’t get enough of the romance in this song. The track will be the perfect fit for a night in with your partner or for those times when you’re missing that someone special.

4. Snowburst by Crystal Drake

This stunning EP is the perfect soundtrack for cocktail hour at the fanciest of gatherings. Crystal Drake’s undoubtedly elegant vocals fit perfectly alongside the legendary lyrics and melodies we can sing along to. You can’t go wrong with keeping Snowburst on repeat.

5. “Calling You Home (For The Holidays)” By Catherin MacLellan

MacLellan gives listeners a gentle, acoustic track to ease you through the busy time of year. “Calling You Home” is perfect for road trips to visit family, cooking your Christmas Eve dinner, or simply reflecting on your year. The calmness of this song feels like a real relief amidst the overwhelming events of Christmas.

6. ‘Tis The Season by Rehya Stevens

This album by Christmas song master Rehya Stevens is guaranteed to guide you through wrapping gifts this year. Every track is filled with sparkle and joy, oozing with that magical spell Christmas music casts to make you uncontrollably bop your head. Stevens has released many Christmas projects, all of which we recommend.

7. “Jingle Bell Rock” by Aaron Taos

If you’re hosting a holiday get-together, you absolutely need to include “Jingle Bell Rock” by Aaron Taos on your musical lineup. Taos’ version of the universally loved song feels fresh and electric, but it still embraces all the key elements of a holiday hit. You can’t help but want to dance around with a cup of hot cocoa when you hear this track.

8. “Silent Night” by Jett Jenkins

This is a true reimagined version of the classic Christmas song. Jett Jenkins’ melancholy vocals paired with a stripped production create gentle background music for day and night festivities. This song is an excellent fit for rock and indie lovers as Jenkins style feels deeply reminiscent of the classic musical legends.

9. “The Holidays Are Cancelled” by Mila Jam

Feeling like a bit of a Grinch? We have a song for that too! Mila Jam’s “The Holidays Are Cancelled” is a fun, upbeat, and sassy argument against the stress that goes into December. Admittedly, the holidays require a lot of time, energy, and money – and Jam is finally calling out this season for its cons. This song will fit perfectly into any party playlist so your guests can dance their worries away.

10. Joys of Christmas by Jillian Antinora

Jillian Antinora wraps up our list with a truly stunning EP filled with original Christmas-pop songs as well as the classics. Her strong, bright vocals pair beautifully with the encouraging, positive lyrics found throughout the project. A true staple for the holidays, Joys of Christmas is bound to leave you feeling overjoyed.