Florida-based prog-punk outfit DigDog releases their new album, Homeless Theatre, a product of the pandemic-induced lockdown during which the band wrote, edited, and rewrote a batch of songs.

Made up of Brad Metz, Alexie Dotsenko, and Jack Ringca, the members of DigDog come from vastly different backgrounds, places, and musical influences. The result is kind of classical, kind of quirkily progressive, and kind of post-punk – innovative music, at once unique and atypically alluring.

Encompassing nine tracks, entry points on Homeless Theatre include “Highfingers,” which opens on post-punk-flavoured luminous guitars riding a trundling rhythm as singsong, dreamy vocals give the lyrics gliding textures.

“We are one, but are we all the same? / Some people are on drugs, and some people own airplanes / Possessions you can’t keep, put your loved ones in the ground / It’s a hard pill to swallow, but it has to go down.”

“Sirens of Hell” travels on potent, grime-flavoured percussion topped by grinding waves of sound. There’s an ominous feel and mood to the song, emphasized by groaning accents as spine-chilling vocals imbue the lyrics with portentous nuances.

“Tree Bones” begins with strident guitars rolling into a new wave-tinged melody rippling with retro essence.

“Concrete is a natural thing / And not all of nature complains / Buzzards eat roadkill / Hookers eat cheap pills / Skaters roll down hills with skills.”

“Glad at the World” conjures up suggestions of The Kinks crossed with the Talking Heads, blending Brit-rock flavours with avant-garde tangs. The last track, “Lullaby,” teeters and totters on gleaming tones as velvety chantlike vocals give the lyrics glowing colours, contrasting with the glaring, dazzle of the harmonics.

With definite punk influences, as well as touches of prog-rock, DigDog rolls out creative songs approaching the edge of unprecedented.


Homeless Theatre Track Listing:

1. Highfingers
2. One Guarantee
3. Sirens of Hell
4. Country Gentleman’s Club
5. Homeless Theatre
6. Tree Bones
7. Firemelon Beaverwolf
8. Glad at the World
9. Lullaby

Run Time: 27:45
Release Date: December 10, 2021
Release Label: Stinger Explosives