A year after the release of …Of Exile, Scythia delivered their EP For The Bear…. This extended play once again embodies their neo-classical folk metal with an oboe. What make Schytha’s sound “fun” is their use of group vocals. This gives it a “fun for everyone” type of vibe. While quite good, For The Bear only contains a few new songs, plus 3 remixes from their debut album …Of War. It’s a decent effort to tide fans over, but more new material is certainly desired. If you pick up a copy of this EP, shout along till you lose your voice!

Just to be perfectly clear right from the beginning of this review: I am not normally a power metal fan. Generally I can’t stand the stuff and think it’s cheesy, pretentious bullshit more concerned with flash and pomp than actual songs. The only other sub-genre of metal that I hate more is Deathcore (shudders). So, if I hate power metal so much, why the hell am I giving Iron Mask’s Black As Death a 7.5? Simple: This is some fucking great music. That’s why!