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Nowhere Left Chew Through Their Top 10 NYC Restaurants

We connected with breakout Long Island quartet, Nowhere Left for a special Top 10 list of their favourite must-hit eateries in and around New York.



It’s a “Tragedy” if you haven’t already familiarized yourself with the breakout Long Island band Nowhere Left. The band has left quite an impression with the release of their debut single “Tragedy.” While it’s a long slog for most groups to start receiving some exposure and notoriety, it’s come quite quickly for the quartet, with the video already garnering nearly 25,000 YouTube views. The song focuses on the challenges involved that come with following your dreams, despite others judging you for not walking the same path that they have travelled. Hollow City guitarist Zack Keel lent a helping hand in writing the song, a full-on, no-nonsense display of alternative rock power, complete with a very memorable chorus.

Composed of four close friends, Nowhere Left came together through friendship, devotion, and solidarity. There came a time when the members felt like they had no one left to turn to, which led them to each other. That’s what inspired the band’s name, and the group’s spirit, that they know what the bottom is like, but they also know that once you reach the bottom, there’s nowhere left to go but in the opposite direction.

While they continue their ascent to the top, we recently connected with the members of Nowhere Left for a Top 10 list in which they run down for us their ten favourite eating spots in and around their home city of New York.

1. Little Vincent’s (Huntington, NY) – @little_vincents /


“Little Vincent’s in Huntington is a great spot for pizza. Not only is the pizza itself phenomenal, they do this signature thing where they throw cold shredded mozzarella cheese on top of their slices and it’s mind-blowing how good it is. So simple yet so tasty.”

2. Seport Deli (East Setauket, NY) – @seportdelicatessen /

“The Seport Deli in East Setauket has been a go-to spot since I was like 14. They make these incredible custom sandwiches. My favourite is the ‘Gasm.’ It’s a breaded chicken cutlet with melted mozzarella cheese, bacon, coleslaw, and Russian dressing on a toasted garlic hero. Hands down my favourite thing to eat but anything I’ve ever eaten there has been phenomenal.”

“The Vic Ochi” sandwhich at Se-Port Deli

3. ZA (Rockville Centre, NY) – @zalatenightpizzeria /

“ZA is a night pizza spot located in Seaford. It’s open from 4 pm to 4 am, located directly next to the Leaky Lifeboat Bar, which is a modern bar that caters to the emo, music kind of crowd. They make crazy slices like mac & cheese pizza, Reese’s pizza, and more. You can get pizza on a full bagel too. They have some really unique slices and it’s perfect for a late-night meal after the bar.”

4. Slurp (Port Jefferson, NY) – @slurp_ramen_usa /


“Slurp is a killer Ramen spot in Port Jefferson. Located right on the harbour, you can take your food to go and sit by the water and relax. They have tons of different ramen dishes as well as chicken bowls. I particularly like the ‘Kara Agè’ bowl which is Japanese fried chicken topped with Hawaiian BBQ sauce, sriracha, and Japanese mayo in a bowl of white rice.”

5. Bubba’s Burrito Bar (Islip, NY) – @bubbasburritobar /

“Bubba’s in Islip has massive burritos that are delicious, plus they always have a great selection of different hot sauces & craft beers. How can you go wrong with a place that has ‘brotato’ on the menu?”

6. The Brixton Babylon (Babylon Village, NY) – @thebrixtonbabylon /


“The Brixton is my favourite bar/restaurant on the Babylon strip. They have some unique items on the menu. Even if a specific food or drink doesn’t sound like something I’m into, knowing that it’s their version of it will make me try it anyway. It’s a for sure spot to experiment and try something new.”

Sample grub at The Brixton Babylon

7. Coastal Kitchen (Bayshore, NY) – @coastalliny /

“Coastal Kitchen is a nice place to go for dinner and drinks. The staff are always friendly and their burger options are really creative. Definitely, a must-hit for someone looking to try something unique with their burgers.”

8. The Tap Room (Bayshore, NY) – @taproombayshore /

“Ever tried spinach dip with pita chips? Not sure why this isn’t a common thing, but it’s absolutely incredible and The Tap Room is the only place I’ve ever seen who has that. They also have local Long Island beers on tap.”

Shit seems legit at The Tap Room

9. Swell Taco (Patchogue, NY, Babylon, NY) – @swelltaco /

“Swell Taco has two locations, one in Patchogue and one in Babylon. They are one of our favourite spots to get tacos and burritos. The quality of everything is excellent. Another spot that usually caters to the emo/music scene and sometimes has live music as well. The decor inside is awesome and very surfer/skater-esq. The toilet paper holder in the bathroom is actually a pair of skate trucks (laughs).”


10. Zinburger (Huntington, NY) – @zinburger /

“Zinburger in Huntington is located at the Walt Whitman Mall. Typically, I’m really not a burger person. A burger has to be insanely good for me to even crave one. This place actually makes me want a burger. They’re that good. On top of it, their milkshakes are some of the best I’ve ever had and the whole ambiance of the restaurant is really nice.”

Artwork for the album ‘Tragedy’ by Nowhere Left

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