STFLR has done you a huge favour and assembled A Collection of Bad Ideas for you to unpack and enjoy. That’s right, the pop-punkers released their brand new EP on September 10th, which sees them heavily indulge in their skills at developing powerful, upbeat, no-nonsense, East Coast pop-punk, complete with a bit of a chip on their shoulder. There’s a certain candour about the band that resembles the early innovators of punk, but they have ensured to include a lot of their more modern-day influences on this record that you can hear within the more angst-heavy hooks.

Originally forming in 2019, STFLR was meant to be simply a creative outlet for longtime friends Nick Lopardo, Yianni Hansen, and Anthony Guiffrida. By the time they had released their debut EP, Flaccid and Unused, the potential was clear for the Long Island trio so they began to take things more seriously, and decided to expand their ambitions. This resulted in the addition of friends Angelo Rodrigues and Mike Moran to the band, making them now the total punk-pop package with many hopes and dreams for the future.

With A Collection of Bad Ideas now issued and receiving positive reaction all around, we recently connected with STFLR for a quick track-by-track rundown in which they shared with us the inside story behind each song.

1. “A Collection of Bad Ideas”

“We call this song ‘the ultimate kick in the face.’ It grabs you right from the start with the driving guitar and drums. We wrote this song in the studio in about 40 minutes based on the ending breakdown riff that Yianni wrote. Lyrically, the song is a call-out song for people who consistently write about the same topics. We feel that pop-punk can be so much more than just writing about how your girlfriend dumped you and that is apparent in this opening track.”

2. “Don’t Forget to Like & Subscribe”

“Lyrically, this song was written in the wake of the George Floyd and Black Lives Matter protests and how some social media influencers took advantage of that situation to get more likes and comments on their social media pages. Musically, Yianni wrote this entire song. From the guitars to the drums, he added his ‘heavier’ touch to this track to make something truly special on the EP.”

Artwork for the EP ‘A Collection of Bad Ideas’ by STFLR

3. “Lessons Learned”

“As the single off the EP, this track deals with someone who takes advantage of you or a situation to gain something from it. Nick had the majority of these lyrics for a number of years and finally had the perfect music to put them to. Anthony wrote this song musically and it’s the perfect single to show what STFLR is all about. Catchy hooks, relatable lyrics and breakdowns that make you want to throw a chair through the wall.”

4. “Looking For Answers”

“The culmination of the EP and one could argue the culmination of this era of the band. This track was a collaborative effort by the whole band and that teamwork really shines through on the track. From the opening riff to the cry-for-help ending, we feel this track is the most mature and honest song we’ve written. The song feels like a goodbye. While we don’t know what we’re really saying goodbye to, it feels like a chapter that has ended and it’s time to move on. Nick wrote the lyrics when he found out that he was going to be a dad and the feelings that followed were captured in the lyrics. All the insecurities and fears that come along with becoming a parent were poured into this track and we really feel it could be the best song ever written by any band, in any decade, in perpetuity until the end of time.”


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