Independent pop artist Olivier released his melancholic single “Whereareyou?” on October 1. Alongside a woeful music video, the artist’s sophomore release reflects the chilling loneliness of an emotionally distant relationship. Having both lived in NYC while together, Olivier delves into his wistful longing to feel as close romantically to his former significant other as he was physically.

The brooding singer-songwriter knows himself to enjoy scenic night-time walks through the city – taking in the buzz and beauty – and drew inspiration from his introspective pastime for the basis of “Whereareyou?.” For Olivier, “‘Whereareyou?’ is a pure nighttime vibe. It’s something you listen to while looking out the window or walking down the road.” Steeped in heartache, decorated with hypnotic fingerstyle guitar, and driven by Olivier’s buttery vocals, “Whereareyou?” echoes through the stillness of a heavy-hearted evening.

The music video captures a harrowing scene of isolation while Olivier wanders through NYC in contempt of his withered romance. Showcasing a palpable grief, this music video reflects what it was like for the New York native as he grappled with his painful transition out of love. “Where do you lie as I watch street lights?,” Olivier ponders to himself as the unwanted distance between him and his significant other becomes overwhelming. “Towards the end of the relationship,” he says, “it felt super weird being alone in the city where someone you were so close to lives.” This absence of affection inspired the bitter lyric “do you ever miss me in the dark?” in which the lovesick artist contemplates whether or not he is the only one suffering from this poignant sense of solitude as he grievously saunters around the city.

Born and raised in New York, Olivier stays true to his German and Haitian roots, visiting both countries frequently. A mélange of the three cultures, including the U.S., influences his musical journey, which he started around the age of five when he began to learn intricate piano pieces by ear, unknowingly following the family tradition of both grandfathers. From there on, Olivier began to explore various genres, which eventually led him to express his views, experiences, and emotions authentically by writing his own pieces.

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