Lincoln-based four-piece indie rock/pop act, It’s Karma It’s Cool, follow up recent single “Coffee Cup Circles” with a stunning new single release “She Slept With The Radio On” ahead of their sophomore album set to cause fireworks on November 5th.

Check out our exclusive premiere of the video right here:

About the new track, vocalist James Styring reveals, “music has a unique ability to leaven itself with memories both joyous and bittersweet for the person listening; ‘She Slept With The Radio On’ is an exploration of how a song can take you back to a different time and place while your feet remain standing in the present.”

Reminiscent of wistful classics like “Man On The Moon” by REM, “She Slept With The Radio On” talks of a time past which evokes Elvis and Graceland and that fresh 50s American dream that beamed out of an innocent post-war generation’s radio airwaves and TV sets.

James paints a stark portrait as he lets his love know, “stick with you, like gum on a shoe” and continues this sweetest of pop anthems that also leans somewhere between Maroon 5 and “Buddy Holly” by Weezer.

This brilliant slice of melodic power pop meets indie is taken from the forthcoming new album Homesick For Our Future Destinations, an album which follows on from their successful debut EP, Hipsters and Aeroplanes and debut album, Woke Up In Hollywood.

Artwork for ‘Sleep With The Radio On’ by It’s Karma It’s Cool


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