In a year when their resolve and will were tested like never before, Endure The Affliction have come out the other side feeling and sounding more “evolved” than ever. There is no better album title than Evolve to describe the journey that the band has been on which has led to this defining moment in their career, with the release of their new EP on October 15th.

Bringing together their devotion to melodic metal and their closeness to their Louisiana roots, the EP has a heavy dark and Southern element to it, bridging the gap between modern metalcore, classic power metal, and American gothic. Formed in late 2018, the quintet quickly became a mainstay of their local scene, with their powerful and emotional guitar riffs, and down-to-earth approach finding a receptive audience. Their music appeals to the things that people struggle with daily, realness that Southern audiences typically find a lot of commonality with.

Almost every track on Evolve deals with the low points of life and fashioning a human response to them. It’s our experiences that shape us as people, and how we respond to them is how we ultimately Evolve. As much as things have changed, life is not the only thing that has transformed for the members of the band (and many others). Part of the reason the guys went with this theme of evolution is because of how musically different the group sounds on this latest outing. In sound and style, Evolve is quite a drastic step forward for the guys, but it still remains true to those fundamentals that were so instrumental in initially shaping who they were.

With more insight on the new record and its context, the band offered,

“The Evolve EP was something that, for a little while, we weren’t sure we were going to be able to do. Our previous EP released a month before COVID lockdowns started, so we didn’t get to push that the way we wanted to. At first, with all the unknowns, we couldn’t really get together to write much, and we went a year without stepping foot on stage. On top of that, we had to go through an unexpected personnel change. But we came through it all with what we feel like is a much better style and a more personal, emotionally invested feel.”

With the worst now behind them, Endure The Affliction is ready to stampede right into the new year with not only new music, but upcoming tour dates, and a revitalized outlook for the future. It’s a good time to make their presence felt, and the band is ready to attack with fire and fury.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

10/15 – Lafayette, LA @ Freetown Boom Boom Room (EP release show)
11/05 – Baton Rouge, LA @ Mid City Ballroom

Artwork for the EP ‘Evolve’ by Endure The Affliction