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You’ll Be “Sorry” if You Miss Castle Black’s New Music Video [Premiere]

Castle Black flat-out brings it each and every day. Now, the group is back with their music video for “Sorry,” a roaring new single from their forthcoming new EP ‘Get Up, Dancer,’ set for release on October 1st.



Castle Black in 2021

As we continue to get more reacquainted with live concerts around the world, we can be thankful for bands like Castle Black that flat-out bring it each and every day. The group is back with their new music video for “Sorry,” a roaring new single from their forthcoming new EP Get Up, Dancer, set for release on October 1st.

The song was the very last to be written for the EP and was originally not really thought of very highly by the musicians themselves. It was nearly an afterthought at first, but as they continued to refine it, they suddenly realized that they had a scorcher on their hands.

Explaining the video shoot and an unfortunate run-in with an army of ticks, lead singer and guitarist Leigh Celent told us:

“We filmed this video for ‘Sorry’ in Georgia, in and around St. Simons Island, where our friend/director Jeff Allyn Szwast lives. The second day we shot at this well-manicured area in a public park; ticks were the furthest thing from our mind until (drummer) Joey (Russo) suddenly had hundreds of small crawling critters all over him. We managed to get them off, not without losing his only pair of pants, so he had to finish the shoot in boxers. The logical thing would have been to scrap this location, but Jeff assured us that there were no ticks at this park. We made it through the shoot with one eye over our shoulders and as we were packing up, both Joey and I had several, recognizable, adult ticks on us.

After a thorough freaking-out and calmer cleaning of anything that was exposed, we thought we were in the clear. The next day while driving in the car to the final location, ticks seemed to be falling from the sky. We put everything on pause to clear out the car and do a proper fumigation. We were both pretty jumpy during the 14-hour ride back to Brooklyn, but, luckily, we didn’t find any others.”

Regarding the song itself and its deeper significance, Celent continued:

“‘Sorry’ is a song about atonement and acknowledging wrong-doing. It’s about so many things. We wanted the video to be an ode and an apology to the earth, whom we as a society have been destroying. The story is a subtle game of hide-and-seek, with much graver consequences than that of the children’s game. When I recorded vocals for this song, with the fabulous and awe-inspiring Mark Plati, he left me alone in the vocal booth and I ended up crying during most of the recording. He got the emotion he wanted alright!”

Since the release of their debut EP, Find You There in 2015, Castle Black has been an absolute force, seldom taking a break from the road or the studio. Get Up, Dancer will act as the follow-up to 2019’s Take Her My Life, which was also produced by Plati, renowned for his work with David Bowie and Prince. Plati has really helped the band find their place, maintaining that hard edge they always had, but at the same time helping craft a radio-friendly sound.

Both powerful and hard-hitting, Castle Black has never sounded so commanding and effective as they move furiously into the next chapter of their impressive career.

Artwork for “Sorry” by Castle Black