It’s been a bit of a long, roundabout, indirect journey to get here, but Spring Owls has finally arrived with his forthcoming EP, Love Evolving; and, today, we’re debuting his brand new single, “Birth of Dreams.”

Meaning rebirth and wisdom, Spring Owls is the stage name that singer-songwriter Jesse David Lacy goes by. Spring Owls may seem like a new project, but Lacy actually was writing and recording music under his birth name now dating back to 2013, when he released his debut album. With the assistance of a successful crowdfunding campaign, he toured for four years before deciding to take a break from music.

Having graduated university with a degree in English, he decided to leave it all behind and he moved to South Korea to teach. Now a more mature version of himself and with a greater perspective on life, Lacy is set to release his most complete work to date.

When asked about “Birth of Dreams,” Lacy said, “Ironically, ‘Birth of Dreams’ is less about the birth of a dream and more so an introspective stream of consciousness mourning a dream’s surrender. Even still, there’s no regret in this song, it presses on.”

You could say that there is something cathartic about this new EP. As Lacy stated, “Love Evolving documents the introspective battle I had in my 20s, navigating through and eventually relieving my chronic depression.”

To fund the recording of Love Evolving, Lacy yet again launched a successful crowdfunding campaign, with the record set for release on November 3rd. With a sleek and dreamy indie rock sound, he relied a lot upon experimental effects which were created with the help of Anthony J. Resta’s customized guitar pedals. There’s also a cinematic element to the songs, inspired by Lacy’s love of movie scores. The top-notch production is largely due to the work of the above-mentioned Anthony J. Resta who has also produced albums for Elton John, Duran Duran, Collective Soul, and many others. The EP was mastered by Brian Lucey, a multi-Grammy Award-winner who has worked with The Black Keys and Shania Twain.

The recording process proved to be a challenge, largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic shutting everything down. On top of that, Lacy lost his day jobs, but thanks to some government stimulus money, he was able to finish Love Evolving. Like so many great projects, this is a record born out of adversity, but with some perseverance, and the help of some generous fans, Lacy has put together his finest work to date.

Love Evolving Track Listing:

1. All Here
2. Age the Heart
3. Bella
4. Birth of Dreams
5. Love Evolving

Artwork for ‘Love Evolving’ by Spring Owls