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No Object Seek Some ‘Open Closure’ with Their Hard-Rockin’ New Record [Premiere]

Chicago, Illinois’ No Object has higher-level musical achievements for which they are striving, and it can be heard loud and clear on their sophomore EP, ‘Open Closure.’



Not that there is anything wrong with it, but some groups just never really evolve. What we mean is, they never sound all that different from the way they did on their debut release. In many cases, this is just fine; what you see is what you get and there are no complaints. But bands such as Chicago, Illinois’ No Object have higher-level musical achievements for which they are striving. You can hear that loud and clear on their sophomore EP, Open Closure, due for release on September 24th, but here for you to listen to in its entirety now!

The five-track effort marks an evolution of the band’s darker, aggressive sound. This is a full-fledged rock record, with lots of scorching guitar solos, fast-moving tempos, and decisive drum patterns. The music draws an interesting contrast to the lyrics, with the up-tempo feel of the album quite opposite to the more sombre lyrics that deal with the theme of closure and how it relates to the relationships that we have with others.

Offering their thoughts on the recording of the album, Matt Carlton said, “Open Closure felt amazing to write and record. We wrote all of the songs during the pandemic and it really was our only creative outlet at the time. The way we wrote songs in the past needed to change, simply because we couldn’t be in the same room together as much. Griffin (Taylor) basically taught himself how to demo out tracks so we could send ideas back and forth to each other remotely. We all decided on the five best tracks out of the 20 ideas we had, and really focused on making them as tight as possible.”

And with a brief rundown of the thematic nature of the album, Carlton said, “The record deals with closure, and how it relates to the people/relationships around us. The song ‘Natural End’ aims to understand loss, and how to come out on the other side with a more positive outlook on life. ‘Open Closure,’ the opening track, deals with similar subject matter as well. Other tracks like ‘Hold Your Breath” and ‘Paper Thin’ discuss being able to move on from a person or situation in your life. All of the songs aim to make the point that getting closure is important when facing life’s adversities and hardships. It’s important to deal with the difficult things that happen to us. We hope that everyone loves the songs and can see how hard we worked on them. These tracks are meant to be a taste of what’s to come next.”

Musically, No Object is defined by their energetic merging of shoegaze, emo, and traditional alternative rock. Formed by Matt Carlton, Jake Wahlen, and Griffin Taylor in 2019, the chemistry was evident right off the bat. Rather than ease into the writing and recording process, they got started quickly, with some very productive sessions helping to cultivate their debut album Makeshift, released in April 2020.

The Chicago music scene is a competitive space, but No Object stood out right from the get-go, and when the pandemic shut things down, they remained motivated and determined. They used the downtime wisely, honing and slightly readjusting their sound, from a shoegaze, emo band, to now a more mainstream rock n’ roll group.

It’s all coming together quite well for the band, as they prepare to take a significant step forward towards rock n’ roll notoriety!

Artwork for ‘Open Closure’ by No Object