The release of Merciful Heavens’ brand new EP, For Now, is a lesson in persistence, and a testament to frontman Christian Glakas’ perseverance. With the album on the way on October 1st, the band has dropped the first single “Apples,” a song that speaks to the frustration the singer-songwriter endured while writing and recording this record.

Putting the tune into context, Glakas offers, “This song is about hiding. Hiding from yourself, from the people you love, from reality, from everything. Hiding from changes that have upended your life. It’s also a reflection on how it feels to want to hide in every conceivable way but not be able to let on that you’re struggling. When you’re like, ‘Ok, I must now go into hiding. How do I hide the fact that I’m going into hiding?’ (thinks for a moment…) ‘Nothing to see here, folks. Just keep moving. Everything is fine. Promise.’

“Main characters: Sudden change, panic, heartache. Supporting characters: Denial, hand-wringing recollections.”

After building some momentum with the release of the “Voices” and “For Now” singles, it came time to make a record that proved much more difficult than Glakas had anticipated. He became frustrated with the guitar riffs he had been writing, which didn’t fit the vibe that he was aiming for. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic and all the motivation and enthusiasm he had accumulated over the previous year suddenly disappeared.

Rather than wallow and mope, Glakas instead decided to take a different approach to record the album, that is, he would learn to record the album himself. He started small, then began to diversify the sound with synths, delays, and sequencers. Suddenly, everything started to come together and Glakas realized that Merciful Heavens had essentially become a solo project. With a whole new set of skills as a producer and mixer, Glakas let all of his frustration find its way into the songs, which has been like a musical epiphany for an artist who finds himself constantly evolving.

Artwork for ‘For Now’ by Merciful Heavens