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Eclectic Synth-Pop Duo Noise Network are Ready to “Let It Go” with Their Feelgood Summer Anthem [Premiere]

UK electronic/synth duo Noise Network prepare for the release of their ‘Explorers’ album by premiering their new single “Let It Go”.



Taken from their debut album Explorers due on August 27th, 2021 via Pretty Decent Music, UK synth-pop duo Noise Network are premiering their feelgood Summer anthem “Let It Go” with us today. An album that promises to cross boundaries as it takes listeners on a thrilling journey with exhilarating electronic vibes, this sonic spectacle consists of eight tracks the duo hopes will move and inspire the next generation of stargazers.

Speaking about the album, which has seen the eclectic pair return to their love of electronic music, the twosome explained: “We love to play around with different sounds crossing between styles, such as blending dance music with more organic elements, melodies from chopped vocals and contrasting atmospheres from a variety of sampled sounds. With each track in this album, we wanted to create sections that opposed each other in terms of sonic palette and energy, flipping between bold electronic drops and reflective piano, strings, textures and pads.

“We’re usually busy creating other music in styles ranging from 80s synthwave to classical crossover and organic electronica, so we took this opportunity to indulge our passion for more audacious future bass, trap and even some dubstep, all connected with a sense of contrast and exploration.”

Artwork for ‘Let It Go’ by Noise Network

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