We hope you’ve brushed up on your French, just in time for Sinequanon’s brand new music video for “Give Me the Key.” Featuring vocals in both French and English, this song is out to get you, right from the get-go. Produced by Kris Norris, who has done production work for Darkest Hour and Threat Signal, “Give Me the Key” is an intense affair, a musing on life regrets, and the experiences we, unfortunately, miss out on.

It’s right in line with the band’s inclination towards poetic, yet nuanced songwriting, featuring both light and furious moments that stand out for their strong sense of sincerity. Norris was instrumental in helping bring to life not only “Give Me the Key,” but Sinequanon’s debut record, which will be released before the end of the year.

In discussing “Give Me the Key,” band leader Yann Savoini said, “This song was based on a simple test done with a new keyboard that I had recently purchased. By exploring the different sounds available, I started to create a riff, then a loop and then add a whole bunch of electronic instruments on it to enrich this little bit of song. Then I came to a rather satisfactory result, clearly usable as it is for an intro or an interlude. I told myself at that time that it would be a shame not to exploit it more. It was then that I pushed my exploration even further to arrive at a result that goes beyond the usual by mixing very soft electronic sounds with big guitars.”

Regarding the song’s lyrics, Savoini added, “I wanted to talk about the regrets that we can feel at a moment in our life when accepting the passage of time becomes an obstacle course. I see a lot of people around me who feel like they are missing out on their lives and this song is a small contribution to tell them ‘I support you in this ordeal.’ It also illustrates this feeling of helplessness in the face of it, like a call for help, a request to oneself to change this state of mind which makes us believe in a fatality. I chose to sing some words in French because I find that it brings a certain sweetness, a very poetic side.”

Savoini is the brains behind Sinequanon, a band he founded on his own back in 2018, originally as a solo project, writing and recording music in his bedroom. While he is now joined by Benjamin Haeberli (drums), Johann Seydoux (guitar), Marco Ballerini (guitar), and Alex Jentsch (bass) on stage as bandmates, Savoini continues to steer the ship, composing and recording all the instruments on each studio recording that he conceives of. He then adds various textures and layers, with keyboards and innovative recording techniques that make for musically intoxicating experiences.

Despite the various approaches to songwriting and recording, Savoini ensures that each song is enhanced by catchy, groovy choruses that really resonate with the listener. With the ship that is Sinequanon just starting to set sail, it’s time to get on board with this emerging talent, ready to spread their passion and joy for progressive metal.

Artwork for “Give Me the Key” by Sinequanon