Formed in 2011 in the gutters of New Jersey, tech death metal juggernaut Cognitive are set to unleash their fourth album, Malevolent Thoughts of a Hastened Extinction, so settle in and prepare for your senses to be pummeled into a pulp.

Opening with “Eniac,” there is no beating around the bush from these veterans. Jarring, groove-saturated death metal is the order of the day, the kind that will make your neck move right before kicking your head off its shoulders. Cutting their teeth touring with everyone from Fit For An Autopsy and Waking The Cadaver to Lorna Shore and Wormed, these brutalists have used that experience to hone their sound into something quite punishing. From the pummeling drums of AJ Viana to the potent mix of foul, guttural pig squeals and harsher, raspier roars courtesy of vocalist Shane Jost, Cognitive is one tight outfit.

Listen to “The Maw,” a track where the extreme metal outfit melds together thunderous blasts of death metal with more techy, almost progressive death metal traits, or the nightmare-inducing “Tearing Tendon From Bonem” and you’ll find yourself soon dragged into the sonic mauling your ears are receiving.

Utterly punishing from start to finish, Malevolent Thoughts of a Hastened Extinction is the kind of album where flawless musicianship reigns supreme. Marry this up with Jost’s dark, bleak lyrics and the end result has many moments where it is absolutely unstoppable. Thankfully, given that there are plenty of other bands of a similar ilk to Cognitive doing the rounds, throughout this record, the quintet demonstrates that they have enough in their tanks to make sure they don’t get dragged into that dogfight for your attention. You see, by possessing that quality to be able to mix up the tempo and the mood, Cognitive has done enough to ensure that sonic jackhammers like “Arterial Red” and “To Feed The Worms” warrant a good investigation because anything less would, quite frankly, be a crying shame.

Malevolent Thoughts of a Hastened Extinction Track Listing:

1. Eniac
2. The Maw
3. Arterial Red
4. From the Depths
5. Oroborous
6. To Feed the Worms
7. Malevolent Thoughts
8. Tearing Tendon from Bone
9. Destitute
10. Of a Hastened Extinction

Run Time: 41:09
Release Date: July 16, 2021
Record Label: Unique Leader


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