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Can Guru? – “Winner Today” [Free Song Download]



Genre hopping artist Can Guru? has cooked up a “Winner Today” with his latest single. The Belgian artist released the addictive new track in the spring, a dancy, almost defiant sounding song complete with pounding drums, standout horn melodies, and haunting tribal backing vocals. Fans, new and old, grab an exclusive free high-quality MP3 download today!

The song came about when Can Guru?, also known as Colin Chrichton, was feeling particularly inspired, which is why many of the lyrics touch on elements of resilience to pain and failure. There’s a darker undertone to the song, evidenced by lyrics about braving the storm ahead and confronting the heavy winds coming at you. The darker tinge of “Winner Today” is likely due to the fact that Chrichton wrote the song on a rainy, stormy day in the woodlands of Berlin. That doom and gloom of that day helped him channel his creative side towards the song’s theme of perseverance and determination.

In reference to “Winner Today,” Chrichton said, “I started writing the music for ‘Winner Today’ a couple of years back in Manchester U.K. I wanted to write a song with a heavy hip-hop/trip-hop beat and a repeating ostinato piano sequence that would drive the song forward. I always thought this song had a lot of potential and I liked the energy that it brought forward. It was only in the last six months or so that the lyrics came to me after a bike ride in the woodlands in Berlin. I went out on a stormy day for an intensive bike ride but had a fall and grazed my knee but carried on cycling regardless. It was only a bit later that I started to feel the pain building up in my leg…

When I got home, the lyrics came to me. I guess the fall influenced me in some ways in my lyrical flow. The lyrics are about never giving up on your dreams and ambitions and always getting back up after you fall over. I hope this song can inspire people to learn to channel their energies in a better way by maybe doing sports or by meditating and helping them ride through their toughest moments.”

A native of Ottignies, Belgium, Crichton was raised in a family with a deep affection for classical music. From as early as he can recall, music was always a significant aspect of his life, as he learned how to play various instruments as he grew up. By the late 1990s, Crichton ventured off to Manchester, England to study Sound Engineering at Salford University, before making music his full-time career and passion.

He eventually became enamoured with the local electronic music scene and witnessing acts such as The Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twins, and 808 State proved to get him even more hooked. Now as a writer, producer, engineer, and performer, Chrichton has turned his passion into reality as a musical force to be reckoned with.

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