After the huge reaction to previous singles ‘Eat The Rich’ and ‘Move The World’, PENGSHUi have released another mammoth track in the form of the bruising ‘Little Brother’.

“‘Little Brother’ is about what we would say to the young versions of ourselves,” MC/Vocalist Illaman explains, “A reminder to remember where we have come from and the strength we never knew we had. Those moments when we thought we would never make it through a life event or trauma. A reminder of our wins and successes.”

“We want your fucking chest to rattle,” says PENGSHUi drummer Pravvy Prav. “If your chest isn’t rattling, then it’s not good enough.” There couldn’t be much more of a perfect manifesto for PENGSHUi than that. Their self-titled 2020 debut was a riveting soundclash of punk, grime, dub and drum ‘n’ bass – with a DIY attitude of no-fucks-given while bringing rage to the rave. Since their first single ‘Control’ in 2018, they’ve won fans across genres, from JME to Enter Shikari, and were even invited to remix fellow firestarters The Prodigy.

“We grew out of the dubstep scene and we were all playing in those raves, we knew what worked,” says Fatty. “We knew how to recreate those sounds but had also grown up playing in metal bands so we could merge things in a way that was authentic to both sides of the spectrum.”

Illaman agrees: “We’ve all been around the block. Now it’s about doing what we love. It’s this combination of everything that we genuinely love. The thing I’ve been told a lot was, ‘You found your home’. I like shouting. When I’m hosting for Flux Pavillion or working with Goldie, I take a different approach as it’s someone else set. These tunes rile me in another way, I can’t do what I do with PENGSHUi with those guys, PENGSHUi is 100% me.”

The band are currently putting the final touches on their forthcoming sophomore album.

Artwork for ‘Little Brother’ by Pengshui

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