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Chase Potter – “Don’t Roll Over” [Free Song Download]



What you see is what you get with Chase Potter. A man completely unfazed by the unspoken rigours of the music industry, Potter has always remained true to himself and his music. It’s all about realism, and authenticity, which you get a big great dose of on his latest album Hitchhike To Oblivion. Released on June 18th, the album looks at the depravity of modern society, using a more classical approach to songwriting.

A songwriter’s songwriter himself, Potter looked to some of the greatest modern songwriters for inspiration, particularly the rich tradition of Americana artists like Harry Nilsson and Randy Newman. Among the many highlights through Hitchhike To Oblivion’s nine tracks is “Don’t Roll Over,” perhaps the most representative song in terms of what this record is all about. You can hear the influences throughout “Don’t Roll Over,” the careful blending of classic Americana, with more modern power pop and indie rock. If someone was looking for an introductory song to Potter and him as a songwriter, this would be the one you would start with.

Hey, guess what? As of today, you can get a free high-quality MP3 download of this sweet single.

In telling us about the song, and its meaning, Potter said, “‘Don’t Roll Over’ is definitely the most sonically adventurous song from the album and the one I am most proud of. I had a blast during the recording process trying to get as many unique sounds as possible and trying to push it to the limits without it becoming overwhelming.

“The song itself is about abuses of power and what one would say to a failed leader if given the opportunity. I wrote this song during the Trump years in response to the sentiment of nostalgia towards our leaders of the past that seemed to pop up, which seemed to ignore all of their heinous acts.”

While he is now just starting to really emerge as a solo artist, Potter previously was well known as a contributor and backing musician for other artists. In college a decade ago when he was living in Boston, he landed performance gigs with Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter Lalah Hathaway, and Scottish indie rockers Belle & Sebastian. His skills as a multi-instrumentalist have served him well, as it’s enabled him to play for many different artists, regardless of genre. After moving to New York City in 2016, Potter became a featured violinist for jazz legend Wynton Marsalis at the Lincoln Center.

He’s also found his way on television, playing violin for Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello on a Tonight Show performance, and serving as a fictional guitarist on an episode of HBO’s The Deuce. As a studio musician, Potter helped write and produce Chameleon Culture’s debut album The Universe Is A New Year’s Day Parade, and he’s also lent a hand to musicians like Caleb Hawley, Cale Hawkins, Duckwrth, and Brasstracks.

Judging by Potter’s track record, it seems that talent and authenticity go a long way towards success in an often unforgiving industry.

Artwork for “Don’t Roll Over” by Chase Potter

Artwork for ‘Hitchhike to Oblivion’ by Chase Potter