How do you make an already stellar song sound even more stellar? You add something to it that not only differentiates it from the previous version but also makes it stand out even more on its musical merits. That’s exactly what abstracts has done with their tune “Siena.”

Listeners of abstracts would be correct in stating that “Siena” was originally released as part of the Japanese group’s 2014 self-titled debut record. The band has successfully pulled that song from the past into the present, and put a whole new spin on it, teaming up with Al Boltz, singer of A Scent Like Wolves, who provides some impressive guest vocals. Boltz really shines on this newly reinvented track, adding his trademark voice to the proceedings, rounded out by some punishing guitar riffs, brutal breakdowns, and big, gargantuan choruses.

With a few words on “Sienam,” Boltz said, “Love at first sight exhibits itself as a distant fairy tale. The subject battles insomnia and stale romanticism but further realizes the last few dates have been plagued with impassive conversation. There’s nothing left to see besides the beautiful sunrise over the city.”

The Lancaster, Pennsylvania quintet A Scent Like Wolves has been showing the metalcore world how things are done properly since their formation, slightly more than a decade to go. The band just released their third full-length album Mystic Auras in February, their most commercially successful release to date. abstracts have been owning the Japanese progressive metalcore space since their formation, joining complex rhythms with emotional and catchy melodies. The members of abstracts first got acquainted with the guys from A Scent Like Wolves when abstracts guitarist Lin Ikeda met Al Boltz in May 2018, when both bands were touring Japan at the same time. A friendship and musical kinship soon began to take form, and we’ve been rewarded with the team-up track of the summer.

Artwork for “Siena” (feat. Al Boltz) by Abstracts