If you take a look Through The Looking Glass, you just may find one of the most exciting, young emo bands of today. Today is the day that Quiet Like a Thief releases their debut EP, Through The Looking Glass, your first foray into their contemporary, yet nostalgic and emotive brand of pop-punk. The EP delivers on all fronts when it comes to the emo/pop-punk universe; there’s lots of energy, nostalgia, and certainly angst to go around for everyone. Big hooks are matched with straight from the heart lyrics, and hectic teenage spirit.

The combined creation of singer Alex Kouvaris and bassist Ryan Sweeney, Quiet Like a Thief has been their venue for developing themselves, not just as musicians, but also as young men. It’s been anything but an easy time for the band, with Kouvaris’ father passing away last year. The song “LAK,” released this past December, paid tribute to Kouvaris’ father, with the idea to use the song as a way to provide some closure, since regulations would not allow for a proper wake or funeral.

To mark the release of Through The Looking Glass today, the band has joined us to share a special track-by-track rundown of the EP, sharing the inside story behind all five songs.

1. “Quantum”

“This is the opening track, introducing some pop and electronic influences. This song is short and sweet, but we felt that it tied everything together lyrically and sets the proper vibe for the rest of the EP.”

2. “Travel in Time”

“The band was born in tragedy, and throughout 2020, loved ones were lost, difficult and strange happenings were faced, and we just couldn’t help but feel lost. The song is about wishing we could travel in time, whether it be to the past or future, to happier and/or much simpler times. However, through a life that felt like it was crumbling through our fingers, time eventually heals and it is important to remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how dark.”

3. “Weird, But True”

“I’m sure many can relate to this song. It’s about a person who gets enjoyment out of stabbing others in the back, bringing them down, using and manipulating people to get ahead no matter what the cost, and only cares if a situation is beneficial to them. But this kind of person only lasts for so long before their flame is put out and they are left behind and forgotten. It’s only a matter of time before these kinds of games are thrown to the curb for good.”

Artwork for ‘Through The Looking-Glass’ by Quiet Like a Thief

4. “Downward Spiral”

“Featuring Nick Thompson of Hit The Lights, the song focuses on depression and anxiety. We take mental health very seriously and is something you must take proper care of. Sometimes medications prescribed from doctors are just a temporary ‘fix’ and requires much more, such as taking the time to truly understand and evaluate yourself. We are advocates for mental health days. There may be times that we feel down and we may not make the best decisions or say things we don’t mean. We are all human and it’s ok to make mistakes. It’s all part of life and what is most important is that we learn from our mistakes and experiences, and keep the ones who mean the most to us close.”

5. “Scatterbrain”

“The final track on our EP, which is about getting lost in your own head. COVID-19 forced us to quarantine, and as winter approached, colder weather and darker days were among us. There were many times that the band had stressed out about certain situations or were overthinking and letting our thoughts get the best of us. This pandemic certainly put life into perspective and just how short life can be. Focus your energy on the things you love and that matter the most, not hate. Live your life to the fullest As we truly don’t know when our time is up.”


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