As satisfying and giving as it is, heavy metal, just like any musical genre, can remain too constraining for some adventurous-minded musicians. Take the bright mind of Richard How, for instance, a South West England resident who has concocted a brand new metal project named Epoch of Chirality. Pushing the metal boundaries as far as they can go, How has come up with a sound conjoining both acoustic and synthesized instruments, working all beautifully in unison together.

Take the new single “Pyramid Cybergod,” for example, a song so much more than just loud guitars and pounding drums. Off the new album Nucleosynthesis, it has all of the traditional elements of a heavy song, but it is both experimental and very cinematic, with a sort of science fiction feel to it. Clearly, How left no options off the table when recording “Pyramid Cybergod” and he came through with flying colours, creating a track with tense, smouldering soundscapes that come together like a symphony.

In speaking on the new single, How said, “So pleased to finally release ‘Pyramid Cybergod!’ This is the second single to support the launch of my debut sci-fi metal album Nucleosynthesis, coming out July 23rd! As the title suggests, there’s a heavy eastern influence in this song, but with a blend of ‘80s movie synths and rich strings. It was a crazy experiment, but I absolutely love the direction it went in with some epic ethereal melodies in there and a little nod to synthwave! The single will be available on all the main streaming sites and also as a high-quality download on my website from June 25th.”

Nucleosynthesis follows the release of the Dawn of Chirality EP last year, which really began to put into perspective the enormity of what How was creating. This isn’t just some recent musical venture, however; it’s been a project in the works for nearly two decades. How began quietly developing Epoch of Chirality about 20 years ago, a metal-focused project that would be completely inclusive, and leave no musical style or instrument off-limits. Experimentation and unrestrained exploration would be encouraged to offer the most unique musical journey possible. This is so much more than just a metal project; it’s a unique experience meant to immerse you and take you along to musical destinations you never thought you’d ever visit.

Nucleosynthesis Track Listing:

1. Dawn Of Chirality
2. Undercity Rising
3. Caravan to the Midnight Mountain
4. Boreal
5. Pyramid Cybergod
6. Maiden Voyage
7. The Abyssal Fleet
8. Labyrinth
9. Paradox

Artwork for ‘Nucleosynthesis’ by Epoch of Chirality