We have a special “Correspondence” to communicate with you today, and it doesn’t even have any words. That’s because none are necessary, not with the collective forces of instrumental group Imitator together at work. The prog-rockers have released “Correspondence” in anticipation of their forthcoming debut EP Principles, set for release on August 27th.

The new single is distinguished by its high octane guitar melodies, its thundering drums, and the steadiness of the bass guitar, essentially a clinic in how to write a hard rock song. The chemistry between the quartet is unmistakable, with each band member easily feeding off each other’s musical cues, with no lyrics necessary to prop the song up. Along with the rest of Principles, “Correspondence” was recorded during the worst of the COVID-19 lockdown this past spring, at VuDu Studios in Port Jefferson, New York.

When asked about “Correspondence,” drummer Peter Koronios said, “This song is a special one as it is the first full song we wrote together. (Guitarist) Anto (Gabriele) wrote his lead parts in isolation and sent them to us during the lockdown.”

Koronios formed Imitator with Gabriele, guitarist Vincent D’Eletto, and bassist Rich Albergo in 2019. They had been performing and touring with other bands before they felt like the time was right to do something together. It only took one jam session to feel the stirring chemistry between them and the band came to be. The name Imitator was decided upon after a conversation between D’Eletto and Koronios about musical originality. After much back and forth, they came to the agreed-upon realization that nothing is truly that original, and there is nothing that hasn’t already been done. The best you can do is take what’s influenced you the most and blend those ideas together in a way that sounds right to you.

That said, Imitator are intent on carving out their own exceptional presence, one note at a time. Lyrics be damned…

Artwork for ‘Principles’ by IMITATOR