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Faiyaz and The Wasted Chances – “Dead Animals” [Free Song Download]



Toronto’s Faiyaz and The Wasted Chances inject garage-punk straight into your veins with verve, anger, and sardonic sneers; a classic punk formula still thriving in the age of Tik Tok. Now offering their latest single, “Dead Animals,” as a free download, these dudes get straight to the point with punk precision and requisite levels of anger.

As Faiyaz elaborates on “Dead Animals”: “I wrote this song last year pre covid after a string of bad relationships having all ended and the world slowly going to shit racially. The song is literally me talking about a hangover experience I had, day after a show, biking to my band’s old rehearsal space (rip) and seeing a dead squirrel. I was feeling a lot of regret and pain and basically went into rehearsal and came up with the riff as a kind of way to deal with my exes/racial injustice/covid feelings.”

If only everyone could channel their feelings so perfectly. Accompanied by a raucous music video, “Dead Animals” is scathing-yet-catchy punk in the vein of Joyce Manor; it never pulls its punches and the perfectly chaotic three-minute tune is sure to leave listeners satisfied with its hefty output of unfiltered angst.

Artwork for “Dead Animals” by Faiyaz and The Wasted Chances