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UK Prog Rockers Twisted Illusion Pick Rock Music’s Ten Most OTT Songs

From the prog rock drama of Rush to the epic pomp of Queen, Brit prog rockers Twisted Illusion pick ten of the most OTT rock songs.



Rising Brit prog rockers Twisted Illusion have just released their epic new single “A Moment of Lucitidity.” The release of the single comes ahead of the release of their debut album Temple of Artifice on May 28th. Showcasing a love of everything epic from Devin Townsend, to prog behemoths Rush, to masters of pomp Queen, we got the band to sit down and pick out ten of their favourite OTT rock songs.

1. Rush – “2112”

“This is the height of over the top for me. The song length, the ambitious lyrical concept, the production, the INSANE vocal delivery from Geddy Lee. This is Rush at a time of defiance and hunger wanting to prove their worth to the musical world. It’s a masterful song that set the tone for Rush’s career and the success it was bound to be the foundation for.”


2. Jellyfish – “Joining A Fan Club”

“I could have picked any song from the band’s second album Spilt Milk. Jellyfish are an often overlooked and undermentioned band in the world of rock but to me they are one of the most daring and inventive bands of the ‘90s. This particular song has a blistering guitar riff that then descends into one of the most wonderfully bloated (in terms of production) pop rock songs ever to grace my speakers. It’s a real ‘throw the kitchen sink in’ kind of production throughout the entire record and there is just so much to enjoy on every listen. I can’t stress my love for this band and this album enough.”

3. Deep Purple – “Child In Time”

“1970… that scream! By God… You can only listen to ‘Child In Time’ for the first time once and you’ll never forget that first listen. Mine was on a car journey home from a gig. No going to sleep that night. There weren’t many bands doing songs over ten minutes in 1970. From the utterly virtuosic vocals from Gillan to the improvised beauty of Blackmore’s solo, this is a song that screams bombast and nothing else.”


4. Devin Townsend – “Why?”

“Although in a list of rock songs it may be dubious to mention what some people would refer to as a progressive metal pioneer, I also believe Devin Townsend is genreless and therefore, it doesn’t matter. What he is however, is the definition of over the top and deserves a mention in this list as he is a huge influence on me. The song I mention, is from his latest album Empath and is in stark contrast to anything he has ever done, it’s a beautiful aria to showcase his breathtaking and quite frankly absurd vocal range. It’s completely ridiculous and over the top and that’s just how Devin is. A true master of what he does and a talent not limited to a genre tag.”

5. Queen – “Innuendo”


“How can I not include Queen? Innuendo is by far my favourite album by them and if there is one song to define the breadth of Queen it’s ‘Innuendo.’ The most powerful voice backed in transient beauty by Roger, Brian, and John. A cameo from Yes guitarist Steve Howe, mind boggling harmonies in the bridge and back home to the same place we started. ‘Innuendo’ is a journey through every side that has come to epitomize Queen.”

6. Toto – “Great Expectations”

“Toto is my favourite band. This one is a very obscure track. I hope I turn people onto this song, this album and this band. Toto for me is a band that gets tarred with that one hit wonder brush. Their hits, ‘Rosanna,’ ‘Hold the Line,’ and the cultural force that is ‘Africa’ are rightly so, revered by many but beyond this, there is a complete treasure trove of brilliant composition and faultless releases. ‘Great Expectations’ is the final song on their record Toto XIV released in 2015. It begins with the timeless voice of David Paich in a Beatles-esque fashion before launching into a piano riff you would expect to hear from Dream Theater.

By the time we make it to the climax of the song, you’d be forgiven for thinking you just listened to Marillion or Genesis by listening to the time changes and different aural tapestries it manages to weave through in just seven minutes. A truly over the top song by a band who more prog rock fans should listen to.”


7. Greta Van Fleet – “Age of Man”

“Calm down. No they don’t sound like Zeppelin. Listen to this song. There wasn’t a single moment of Zeppelin’s career where Robert Plant sang in the register of Josh Kiskza in this song. The chorus is stratospheric and the production is huge and all encompassing. Big fan of this song and the band’s whole output.”

8. The Darkness – “Hazel Eyes”


“Another fantastic band often reduced to that of a one hit wonder, despite being one of the most consistently brilliant rock bands of the 21st century. Their sophomore follow-up to their BLINDING debut Permission to Land is actually my personal favourite from them. The production whilst sparse at times, is all consuming on track six ‘Hazel Eyes.’ Shimmering acoustics, layered guitars throughout and vibrant vocal harmonies make this such a fun and bombastic track.”

9. Rainbow – “Stargazer”

“I couldn’t not include something connected to Ronnie James Dio. The imagery and the soundscape throughout this song is haunting and powerful. Dio’s vocal shines across the entire song as it reflects a mise en scene beyond any earphones or speakers. It’s an enormous song that befits a timeless status.”


10. Von Hertzen Brothers – “War Is Over”

“This was by far the strongest album of 2017 for me. The opening track and title track ‘War Is Over,’ is a prog rock leviathan. Huge vocal harmony sections and intertwining melodies ensconced in thematic beauty make this twelve and a half minute song pass by seamlessly.”

Artwork for ‘Temple of Artifice’ by Twisted Illusion

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