When it comes to the team of singer, songwriter Vladimir Valette and keyboardist/producer Benedetto Socci, you could say that there’s “A Certain Chemistry” that ties them both together. This talented twosome, going by the name of The Mystic Underground, is emphatically declaring their return with their brand new music video, from their long-awaited new album Wrapped in Riddles, released this past November, via Stereosonic Recordings.

This album is the follow up to 2016’s Protagonist, which became a mainstay on college radio across the country at the time. There’s a pounding, intense groove to the duo’s music, which is certainly the case on “A Certain Chemistry,” a song that is undeniably and seductively danceable.

Half animated, half live-action, the “A Certain Chemistry” clip is a full-fledged audiovisual extravaganza. Providing us with some context on the video, Valette said, “For this video, we essentially have a real-life snapshot of two people drifting apart. It was filmed in Greenpoint, in Brooklyn with me being filmed at the Williamsburg Bridge, the same location that is featured on the artwork of the Wrapped In Riddles record. In fact, we attempted to replicate the exact shot when I emerge into focus in the beginning of the video. To add a bit of flair, our director William Murray added a rotoscoping effect. The video also stars Sara Mulry who also starred in our first two videos for the songs ‘Pride Of St. Mark’s’ and ‘Discord and Pamic.’”

Thought-provoking, captivating, and provocative, Valette and Socci joined forces in Brooklyn with the goal of creating some exhilarating dance club sounds. You may assume their primary influences come from the world of dance music, but actually Valette and Socci credit classic alternative and new wave artists as their primary inspiration. You can include David Bowie, The Smiths, and New Order at the top of that list, along with the Britpop and industrial music revolutions of the 1990s. The two have forged it all into their own unique creation, a big and bold sound that is oh so inviting.

You may not be able to go dance at a club these days, so The Mystic Underground is gladly providing the soundtrack to your living room dance party!

Artwork for ‘Wrapped in Riddles’ by The Mystic Underground