You’re going to feel “So Good” today, because we got a special little treat for you to start off on the right foot, with LZ7’s brand new video. The live session video is the latest to come in their series of performance videos that they’ve been dropping for all of their recently released singles. Recall those things called live concerts? Yeah, they haven’t been happening for a long time now. So the next best thing is live videos, which LZ7 has been investing heavily in recently.

The electronic pop group decided to redirect what they’d be investing in the production of live concerts towards creating truly memorable live performances, complete with professional lighting and stage design. They’re ambitious productions made very much with fans in mind, with the band trying to come through in any way they can for their loyal following. “So Good” made for the perfect candidate to get the live treatment, with its upbeat, bouncy vibe, that you could picture a crowd jumping up and down to.

Regarding the video, band leader Lindz said, “A live remix of an LZ7 classic that can only be listened to loud with the bass jammed to the max! A track that feels reminiscent of summer days gone by with a message that there is still hope and sunshine days to come after the strangest year! To be enjoyed loud!”

The release of these live clips comes after LZ7’s performance for LaunchGlobal.TV and their Illuminate Your City From Home series. The series was inspired by the positive feedback that the band received from their Cabin Fever livestreams that they were doing weekly during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was important for them to maintain a presence with their fans during the pandemic because just prior to its beginning was perhaps the band’s most productive and successful era. Their 2019 album These Are The Days was full of crowd-pleasing anthems that resonated with their audience, and following that album’s release, they were fortunately enough to tour with pop/R&B superstar Jason Derulo. Lindz and his crew are most at home on the stage, which is quite obvious in this video for “So Good.”

You gotta hand it to them… In a time where most bands have gone dark, LZ7 is giving it their best, all in the name of their loyal fans.

Artwork for “Sound of the Weekend” by LZ7