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Stereo Six: The Spill Canvas Share Some of the Albums that Influenced ‘Conduit’



Come to the “Darkside.” It’s where you’ll find The Spill Canvas doing their thing (and thriving) on their brand new studio album, Conduit. “Darkside” was the third single released for the group’s latest studio effort, which is, fortunately, mere hours away from release, via Pure Noise Records. It is so nice to have The Spill Canvas back, and with brand new music to boot.

Following some ten-year anniversary tours for their 2005 release, One Fell Swoop, and 2007’s No Really, I’m Fine, lead singer Nick Thomas didn’t quite feel satisfied. It was great to be playing those songs again, but he wanted to record new music since songwriting was what he loved most about being in the band. Conduit is the beginning of a whole new phase in the history of The Spill Canvas; with the quartet now in a different stage of life, and with painful experiences behind them and better days to come.

For a very special installment of Stereo Six, all four members of The Spill Canvas join us to select some of their most influential albums that contributed to the writing and recording of Conduit.

1. Saves the Day – Stay What You Are (2001, Vagrant)

Nick Thomas: “We all love this album so much and it’s had a strong impact on the music we write. For me personally, lead singer Chris Conley became a huge influence on my lyrics and still is to this day, which I find evident on Conduit.”

2. Death Cab For Cutie – Transaltanticism (2003, Barsuk)

Evan Pharmakis: “Transatlantacism is an album that brings out sorrow and heartbreak in the most beautiful way. Any band in the alternative genre is sure to have played this album thin, and there’s so much to learn from this incredibly talented group of gentlemen. Lyrically and structurally, this album has had a deep and lasting effect on us. Both as people, and as musicians.”

Artwork for the album’s The Spill Canvas lists in this Stereo Six

3. Coheed & Cambria – The Afterman: Ascension (2012, Hundred Handed)

Nick Thomas: “I’ve been heavily influenced by Coheed since their first album. From the incredible technical abilities to Claudio Sanchez’s amazing vocal stylings, they’ve embedded themselves as a part of my musical expression lexicon. This album in particular made such a huge impression on my writing. Aside from the masterfully crafted songs, my favorite part on this one is the return of their original drummer Josh Eppard.”

4. Jimmy Eat World – Clarity (1999, Capitol Records)

Landon Heil: “This was an extremely influential album for us growing up. This album came out at a time when we were just becoming musicians and there are so many elements which found their way into our songwriting DNA. So it’s no surprise that on Conduit, many of those components can be heard. An album that even 21 years later, is still influencing our current writing style.”

5. Incubus – Morningview (2001, Epic Records)

Bryce Job: “I remember driving the yellow Jeep through the mountains of Pennsylvania listening to this album front to back when we were living in the studio. Also many late nights in the drum room where I slept during the recording watching the Morning View sessions and using that inspiration to channel more of the hi-hat based drum grooves in my own drum parts on Conduit.”

6. Curveball: Jon Bellion – The Definition (2014, Capitol Records)

Nick Thomas: “I love all genres of music; from hip-hop to metal to pop and everything in between. That said, this album by Jon Bellion is one of my absolute favourites in the pop genre. He’s such a talented, innovative artist that is hard not to be inspired by-no matter what style of music he creates. The sheer passion for remaining true to whatever comes out is something we all strived for while making our new album.”

Artwork for ‘Conduit’ by The Spill Canvas

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