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The Motorleague – “Dischordia“ [Free Song Download]



Moncton, NB’s The Motorleague dish greasy rock and roll with punk leanings and soaring melodies to capture blue-collar energies with effortless swagger. Billed as one of Canada’s best-kept secrets, The Motorleague’s new single, “Dischordia,” might come out of left field for a lot of listeners, but it’s a tightly-wound gem of a tune and a great introduction to this Canadian quartet.

As such, the snappy 3:06 tune is now on offer from the band as a free song download. With shared vocal duties featuring a guest spot from Brian Byrne (formerly of I Mother Earth), “Dischordia” is injected with an extra layer of Canadiana glory for your listening pleasure. The song hums along in thoroughly-enjoyable fashion until the last twenty seconds really up the ante and the final chorus sends you for the repeat button again and again. I expect you’ll find that out soon enough.

On the tune and the opportunity to collab, Brian Byrne says, “I was truly honoured when The Motorleague asked me to sing on the track. I didn’t hesitate for a second. They are a shining star in the world of rock and should be massively successful in my opinion.” Touché, Brian.

Brian Byrne

Artwork for “Dischordia” by The Motorleague