Are you in for something groovy this morning? Because we got the goods today with Joe Romersa’s funky new single and music video for “Raincheck.” Off of his new album Who We Are Today, scheduled for release on April 17th, this song has got the grooves to have you groovin’ all through the rest of your day. Featuring bluesy undertones and an R&B flavour, “Raincheck” possesses all of those early rock n’ roll qualities, when the genre always ensured that it paid its respects to its roots and its origins.

When we say this is a “new” song, we have to put “new” in quotations, because “Raincheck” is a song that goes all the way back to… 1978! The late 1970s were the early days of Romersa’s career as a songwriter, and although he liked the song, he never actually formally released it and let it sit on the shelf for over four decades. Through the persistent encouragement of his girlfriend, Romersa eventually decided to release “Raincheck,” a lighthearted look into the end of a relationship.

As it turns out, we have more than just “Raincheck” to thank Romersa’s girlfriend for. As the singer and songwriter explains, “Who We Are Today is like a photo album of songs full of snapshot moments of my life put to music. I’ve been making music all my life, usually four or five songs per year; most of them filed away and never released. The question ‘Why did you make this album?’ can be answered in so many ways, but the truth is my girlfriend, now fiancé, inspired me to do it. That’s what love does. Working with the brilliant producer Mark Needham and five very talented musicians combined with a lot of reflection and writing on my part, this album is probably my best work. It is an eclectic collection of music not usually found together, but it tells my story and the story of so many like me. I hope you enjoy it!”

As his words indicate, Romersa has had an interesting relationship with music. Hailing from Los Angeles, he has been writing songs since he was a teenager, always active as a songwriter, but not necessarily as a commercial musician. As a high schooler, a music teacher really turned Romersa onto music and songwriting, which inspired him to not just learn how to play an instrument, but also learn it from a more intellectual point of view. He learned music theory and song structure, which has helped him develop and evolve as a songwriter. Now he’s ready to really emerge with Who We Are Today, and show everyone some of what he’s been holding back all these years.

If there’s a lesson to be learned from Romersa it’s that a good song is a good song, no matter when it was written.

Artwork for ‘Who We Are Today’ by Joe Romersa