Twelve months ago it was virtually impossible to ignore the name Slowthai but, sadly, it was for all the wrong reasons. Reaching the lowest point of his career, the UK rapper imploded at the NME Awards, and for a few short weeks, it looked like it was game over for one of the UK’s most exciting prospects. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case and, here we are, twelve months later and, while his antics haven’t been forgotten about, we’re now celebrating the release of his second album, Tyron.

Given the tumultuous twelve months that led up to this recording, it’s no surprise that the second half of Tyron finds Slowthai reflecting on his troubles. However, his promo photo, featuring him grinning manically wearing black devil horns, shows that evil, dangerous side is still very much present in his personality. Within thirty seconds of the opening track “45 SMOKE,” spitting the first half of this album into life, the only reflecting being done involves a life of “jacking cars,” council flats and coppers. It’s a seething opener that ends with Slowthai snarling “Take me for a cunt, get knife to lung.” Having set the tone for the rest of the first half of Tyron in the opening two minutes, anyone who thought the last twelve months have tamed this lyric-spitter is in for a very rude awakening.

The album continues through recent single “CANCELLED” where he sticks his two middle-fingers up at those who thought he was finished. “How you gonna cancel me? Twenty awards on the mantle-piece” he sneers in the faces of those who had consigned him to the rubbish heap. The rage continues through “VEX” where he admits that he’s “been bad since I stepped out the womb” with the rapper hitting the peak of his fury as he announces that he doesn’t give a fuck before things take a sharp right turn and the controversial songwriter takes the more reflective approach you kind of expected him to on this return to the limelight.

The end of “PLAY WITH FIRE” heralds the start of a more introspective look at the life of Slowthai as “i tried” sees him admit to mistakes. Yes, his words are still prickling with anger and rage but, through the likes of “i tried,” “terms” and “feel away,” Slowthai shows he is as much about self-reflection and gut-wrenching honesty as he is about being the musical equivalent of a molotov cocktail. “adhd” brings this record to an emotional close with a less abrasive but nonetheless powerful sign-off. Like the man himself, this is very much an album of two halves with both sides giving you a gritty, brutal insight into the mind of this troubled genius.

Tyron Track Listing:

1. 45 SMOKE
4. VEX
5. WOT
8. i tried
9. focus
10. terms
11. push
12. nhs
13. feel away
14. adhd

Run Time: 35:14
Release Date: February 12, 2021
Record Label: Method Records


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