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Rachel Mintz Critiques Our Social Media Obsessed World in New Video, “Silly Weight” [Premiere]



Ah, social media… Can’t live with it, can’t live without it, right? Whether we like it or not, our daily lives are so caught up in the activity on social medial platforms that it can be difficult to not get sucked into its overpowering vortex of frivolousness. It’s an unfortunate fact that so much of our reality is structured around these platforms, and it’s an issue that singer-songwriter Rachel Mintz has decided to address on her brand new single “Silly Weight.”

Featuring a dynamic synth-pop sound, the song ponders the control that social media and technology maintain over us in our daily lives. Along with the single release comes a lively music video that marvellously matches the energy and tone of the song.

Explaining her motivations for writing “Silly Weight,” Mintz told us, “I would regularly lament social media culture with (producer DS Blade)… which oddly enough, is how we were introduced. There are things, especially now, that we focus way too much of our energy on. Things like social media and consumerism that are ultimately meaningless and don’t serve us at all. I am just as guilty of this as the next person. In a way, I wanted the lyrics to be a reflection of our conversations.”

We previously introduced you to Mintz last year with the premiere of her “Pie” music video, off of her 2019 EP Shed a Tear. Creatively and stylistically speaking, the release of that EP proved to be a massive step forward for this talented young artist. Working alongside co-producer Ian Cross, who has worked with pop royalty like Usher, Janet Jackson, Lauryn Hill, and Gwen Stefani, Mintz really found her groove on Shed a Tear, a collection of songs that beautifully harness the subtleties of dream pop, darkwave, and baroque pop.

Raised in Miami, Florida in a musical family, she went through a rebellious phase that very much influenced the artistic freedom she so gracefully expresses in her music. By 2004, Mintz had moved to Los Angeles where she became the frontwoman of a band called Pigs that included Dave Sender of Union 13. She has a certain rebellious charm to her music and her artistry which is never more evident than in “Silly Weight.” Building off of her recent momentum, Mintz is currently working on a new EP that should be released within a few months. If “Silly Weight” is any indication then we’re in for a real treat.

Artwork for ‘Silly Weight’ by Rachel Mintz