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Nathan’s Brother – “Mind at Ease” [Free Song Download]



With off-kilter stylings and lots of distinct personality, Nathan’s Brother delivers indie-pop folksy tunes with a clever sense of distinction. Hailing from “Haarlem in The Netherlands” – whatever that means to us non-residents – this one-man-band dropped the 2020 debut album Spot On and introduced audiences to his catchy tunes. One such gem is the album’s opening track, “Mind at Ease,” which is now available as a free song download.

The tight little number has an infectious charm that carries through its many instruments and sonic turns. It’s not going to blow your socks off with sheer force or stupendous technicality, but the song is direct and refreshingly unabashed. It doesn’t have a ton of fancy trimming; it’s just a dude with a song to sing. And for that, Nathan’s Brother gets top marks.

From Nathan’s brother himself:

“‘Mind at Ease’ is basically about mindfulness. The song has only a few lines, which, if it gets the message across, should be all a song ever needs. The line ‘feels like I’m always on the run’ reflects our hasty lifestyles, and ‘what am I running from’ asks the question of why such a lifestyle is lived in the first place. ‘Tell me precisely what to do so I know what I’m running to’ expresses the need to be taught another way, and, finally, ‘come on set my mind at ease tonight’ is the desired result when finding such other way.”

Artwork for ‘Spot On’ by Nathan’s Brother