Dishing a frenetic, thoughtful take on post-hardcore, Munich’s We Too, Will Fade celebrated the final days of 2020 with a sharp-as-nails, angsty-as-hell, tight-as-fuck three-track EP. Everything Falls Apart as It Should (Dec 2020, Midsummer Records) encapsulates the spirited, pissed-off, and kind-of-sad vibes this German quartet has become known for. It’s standard fare for the genre, with gang vocals and punk beats propping up spoken word deliveries and searing tremolos. As the band aptly put it: “post-hardcore surrounded by flowers.”

If it sounds like your thing – and frankly, even if it doesn’t, these guys leave it all on the stage and you gotta respect that – check out a free download of their powerful tune, “I Tried My Best,” the second track from their recent release. It eagerly holds your head a millimetre from the ceiling fan and dares you to squirm; by the end, you’re not entirely sure whether you’re relieved to be free, or disappointed you didn’t take a blade off the skull at 350 RPM. I think that might be the point.

On how the tune came to be, We Too, Will Fade state: “We thought that escaping some ghosts from our pasts would also be a good opportunity to give people a glimpse into how we developed in the last year, and also into what might come next.”

Oli was staying at Shmagi’s place. They had a couple of drinks together and were jamming around – “I Tried My Best” was a product of that. They started jamming at midnight and Oli showed him a couple of ideas he had in mind. They started putting pieces together and it was an explosion of ideas and excitement.”

“This song is basically about the things we do not want to talk about, or we find uncomfortable to address, but at the same time tremendously influence and will influence not only us but the people we know. It is about the state of Limbo that governs our daily life and about finding a way to solve internal conflicts, by addressing them. Formally, the lyrics are written as a dialogue between oneself and the raven. Inspired by authors such as Edgar Allan Poe and Haruki Murakami, the raven is the voice which projects the problems and also offers a solution.”

Artwork for “Everything Falls Apart as It Should” by We Too, Will Fade