These beats are so hypnotic that I think I may hallucinate! Ok, we’re exaggerating, but at the same time, we’re drawing some very much deserved attention to the one and only Triti. The singer, songwriter, and producer is pleased to be releasing his debut EP, Hallucinate, on February 12th, through the Ontario, Canada-based Blacktop Records.

But why wait until next week when you can hear it in its entirety right now? The EP features six introductory tracks that get you acquainted with Triti and his flair for laid back, R&B beats and soundscapes. There’s a very smooth element to these tracks, a group of songs that will calm you down after a long day. It’s an impressive starting point for an emerging artist.

Explaining the point of view that he took when writing and recording Hallucinate, Triti said, “I made this EP in my bedroom so most of the songs just came from how I was feeling that day. Most times I just make a beat and if I like it then I pull out the mic and start recording. I never write lyrics beforehand, I just say what comes to mind once I hear the beat and they end up how they do. Songs like ‘need no other’ and ‘hypnotic’ were made a couple months before ‘favorite’ so the sound changes quite a bit but I think the whole thing meshes together really well.

I was looking to do a couple different styles of music on this EP so to me it really was just about having fun and talking about real life. The most important things to me in life are my girlfriend, friends, and family so in the process of making this EP I kept them close and always kept them updated. The music video for hypnotic features a lot of my friends in it as well. Overall, the creation of Hallucinate was just an accumulation of music I made over a couple of months while just having fun late at night.”

Tritri is living proof that you don’t need extravagant recording equipment, or an expensive producer to sound good. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Tritri is a completely self-taught producer, singer, and songwriter. Somewhat of a natural, he showed a disposition for music at a young age when he began to teach himself how to play various instruments. The writing of Hallucinate was heavily inspired by hip hop, emo, and pop-punk, three styles of music you don’t typically see grouped together… except when it comes to Tritri. The man has worked hard, learned, and is now finding his way quite capably all on his own.

Artwork for ‘Hallucinate’ by Tritri