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Jesse Maxwell Soothes Souls with His “Undone” Performance Video [Premiere]



Overshadowed by all of the craziness and negativity of the year 2020 was an important undertone that was actually something positive to come from these very trying times. Left to our own devices, we have been forced to be more resourceful, creative, and self-sufficient. This has particularly been the case with musicians who typically relied on the safety, security, and reliability of performance venues. Well, all of that has been wiped away, at least for now, and artists such as Jesse Maxwell have developed clever ways of connecting with their fans.

Debuting his brand new live music video for the song “Undone,” Maxwell is in his element, offering up a soulful performance in an intimate setting with his bandmates. The song comes from the artist’s new EP, Hellion, which will be coming your way in May. He came up with the idea to do a live set of the EP as a way to remind people that he and his bandmates are still out there, being creative, and remaining hard at work. It’s a small offering to give you something to look forward to, when we can put this mess behind us.

Explaining his intentions behind “Undone,” Maxwell said, “Putting out this song feels like a weight lifted and clears my head. Defining thoughts that are so abstract, we barely understand them ourselves is a challenge. My goal with this song was not to explain in detail what was going on but rather bring you to that moment and experience it with me; the confusion, the dishonesty, and resistance of self-acceptance to what was in this case sexuality. This song is about fighting yourself, and not accepting yourself for who you truly are. I couldn’t tell you why I fight myself, it’s just something that I dealt with and self-love is a process.”

Hailing from Toronto, Maxwell has been relentless in his pursuit of his songwriting goals since he began recording his debut album in 2019. That album, Radio Silence, was released last May via Trans Phatt Records, nine eclectic songs that seamlessly veer from genre to genre, offering a fresh take on contemporary pop and alternative R&B music. Hellion will act as the follow up to Radio Silence and it will take listeners further into the many musical twists and turns that Maxwell likes to take. Featuring complex chord progressions and rich soundscapes, Maxwell brings it all together with his unfiltered, relatable lyrics.

His music is both ambient and intriguing, and most of all, unadulterated. It’s an approach that serves him well, and breathes like a musical breath of fresh air in a time where we are in desperate need of something imaginative.

Artwork for ‘Undone’ by Jesse Maxwell