If we had to sum up 2020 in one word (and most likely 2021 as well), we might select the word “lonely” or even “Alone.” We’ve probably all spent way more time by ourselves than we’d like to have, and there’s no doubt that it’s wearing on us in different ways. Lead vocalist Connor Frost of The Dizzy Bats isn’t afraid to acknowledge his loneliness with the band’s brand new single and music video for “Alone.” The video is simple, but effective, and succeeds in getting to the heart of the issue in a cute, playful kind of way.

Like many, Frost experienced many days this past year isolated, completely secluded from the outside world, bored, and just trying to get through the days with his head screwed on straight. To help occupy his time and not feel so alone, he picked up his guitar and started brainstorming new music. “Alone” was written during this difficult time, a song in which Frost questions how life can be perceived while one is tense and anxious, stuck in a confined space. Musically, it captures that late ‘90s, early 2000s punk-pop energy that adds a cheerful tone to an otherwise fairly pessimistic song.

With further insight regarding the composition of “Alone,” Frost shared, “I had been living by myself for quite some time, and had been self-employed for even longer. Over the years I’ve definitely had some lonely days where the only people I talk to are my students and clients, and my only interactions were with a cat. I was sitting in my apartment feeling that loneliness, and started to literally write about that feeling, and depict it from those who were on the outside looking in.

Our producer, Jon Markson, had a big hand in developing the guitar parts. He brought in a cool, new flavor that strayed away from the power chords, and gave the accompaniment an almost church-like sound.

We chose this song for no particular reason other than we thought it came out really well, and would be relatable to many. Regardless of your situation, there are always those moments of feeling alone. It also, coincidentally, applies naturally to the times we’re living in right now. The feeling and act of being pent up in a house worrying about how your life is being perceived, and whether or not you’ll end up all by your lonesome or not.”

With the new year now here, we are nearly at the ten year anniversary since the formation of Dizzy Bats. Frost formed the band in New York City as an avenue to write, record, and perform energetic power pop, heavy on power chords and infectious melodies. There have been various lineup changes over the years, but recently the band has pinpointed their most complete sound, emphasized by darker and more personal lyrical content, as evidenced by “Alone.”

The song will be featured on the band’s brand new self-titled third full-length album, and eleventh release overall. The album will be released on February 19th and will feature ten new tracks in which Frost reflects on his identity as an Asian American, discussing some of his discomfort surrounding his identity, and also drawing attention to his personal anxieties in the turbulent times we’re currently living in. It’s the type of reflective music we all need right now, as we try to navigate our way through this web of uncertainty we’re currently mired in.

Artwork for ‘Dizzy Bats’ by Dizzy Bats