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Ella K Sol Paints a Beautiful “Time Capsule Picture” with Her New Music Video [Premiere]



Some people just know how to make an introduction. You can include young singer-songwriter Ella K Sol in that category, making her presence felt with her brand new music video for the luscious single, “Time Capsule Picture.” The song is one of the many highlights to come from the 17-year-old’s debut EP, Hello My Name Is, which will be released on February 19th.

The video features a heartbreaking performance, as Sol bares it all in this stirring clip that emphasizes the very personal nature of the song. There’s a very poetic vibe to “Time Capsule Picture,” as there is to most of Sol’s songwriting. Before trying her hand at writing actual songs with both music and vocals, she started off writing poetry at a very young age. Sol is a storyteller at heart, cleverly weaving together melody and passion with her highly confessional song lyrics. Her songs may remind you of the down-to-earth, honest approach that Elton John used to take towards writing some of his most celebrated ballads.

Discussing how she developed the song and how it came about, Sol said, “I wrote ‘Time Capsule Picture’ at my dad’s house in front of a huge picture window on my ukulele while my baby sister screamed in the background. Doesn’t sound like fun, but I had a blast despite what was going on around me. When I wrote the song, I saw a movie play out in my head. Pictures of two people inevitably separated. My brain translated what I saw into ‘Time Capsule Picture.’ This particular song wasn’t based off of anything from my own life events, more just a feeling I wanted to express for those that have been through that specifically.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had people in and out of my life, but this movie in my head, the way the lyrics played out in my brain, was a more specific scenario that I personally did not encounter. I still imagine a polaroid of two people on a swing in the dead of night, but one of their faces is smudged out. Everything becomes a little blurrier with time, that’s one of the reasons I like the song so much, because even though those people might get a little hazy, how you felt is something you can always recall. Sometimes a smell or a joke that was long lost to time, a conversation or a melody is all it takes to pull me back to a place I’ve been before. It all chalks up to a feeling.”

She concludes by saying, “This song is about someone who was in your life that was a very significant part of it, but as time keeps on, they become a blurry image of what once was. Sometimes people are meant to phase in and out and that’s ok. Even if you think they’re meant to be a forever part of your life, sometimes they aren’t, and it hurts. It’s hard to see anyone special turn into a life lesson when you’re blinded by love, whatever that may look like.”

Wise well beyond her years, Sol has spent her formative years and adolescence growing up in Nashville where she has been exposed to all generations of country music. Despite her youth, she has grown more of an appreciation for classic country, as opposed to the more modern flavours of the genre which haven’t been as inspiring to her. What has stood out about classic country to Sol is the storytelling nature of it, typically performed with style, wit, and originality. Her songs lean on issues that are important to her, such as the great gender divide which she discussed on “7’11,” or the human inclination to treat others unfairly on the edgy and gritty “Hard To Be Good.” Ultimately, she hopes listeners can find some solace and authenticity in her songs. With many years still to learn and grow, Sol is just scratching the surface of her talents and her abilities.

Artwork for ‘Time Capsule Picture’ by Ella K Sol

Artwork for ‘Hello My Name is Ella K Sol’ by Ella K Sol