Crash Cathedral has arrived, bearing their “Fangs” at us with their brand new single and its accompanying visualizer video. If you’re a fan of alternative pop and new wave, well, this is the band you have been waiting for. Combining the finest elements of modern pop sensibilities, similar to The Weeknd, Post Malone, and The 1975, with the darkness of classic industrial and goth the likes of Joy Division and The Cure, Crash Cathedral is able to merge drastically different styles and offer you a compellingly, coherent, danceable song, ideal for the club.

This is just the second song from this brand new project, featuring brand new lead singer GLMR (Nick Gilmer) at his finest. Although at its heart, “Fangs” is a pop song, its swirling guitars and haunting electronic soundscapes make this a more sinister-sounding track than you maybe would have expected.

Commenting on his point of view when writing the song, Gilmer offered, “‘Fangs’ was written to feel brooding and a little ‘sexy,’ incorporating elements of mainstream and alt-pop while also blending in dark wave and industrial influences. The lyrics and visuals speak for themselves; this song is about vampires. Whether you take that literally, or as a way to define someone who feeds on the energy and emotion of others, is up to you.

I took a big step away from contemporary pop (ala solo project GLMR) with this new song. ‘Fangs’ has challenged me to write and perform lyrics from a whole new perspective, reaching into a deep and very dark part of myself I hadn’t known existed. The idea of the line ‘you’re like a thief in the night’ is tiptoeing on the fence of scripture and darkness. This song is a drastic love story between something very pure, and something VERY evil.”

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Crash Cathedral is really starting to hit the ground running. With “Fangs” now released and the previous single “MoodRing” dropping last month, you can expect more music to come soon!

Artwork for ‘Fangs’ by Crash Cathedral