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Natalie Nicole Gilbert Shares Holiday Spirit with Her “Wrapped Up In A Dream Called You” Music Video [Premiere]



With a long and, for many, dismal year almost in the rearview mirror, it feels about the right time to get comfortable in front of the fireplace, grab a mug of hot chocolate, and mellow out to some seasonal jazz. Well, just in time for the holidays, we have the perfect artist to help soothe that weary soul with singer, songwriter, and producer Natalie Nicole Gilbert and her brand new music video for “Wrapped Up In A Dream Called You.”

The song comes from her November released album, Warm Winter, a nostalgic group of songs that illustrate Gilbert’s versatile skills as both a songwriter and a vocalist. If you had to use one term to describe the “Wrapped Up In A Dream Called You” video, you may choose heartwarming, with the clip featuring cheerful sights of snow falling from the sky, friends getting together and putting a smile on each other’s faces, enjoying a holiday dinner with the family, and even Santa Claus himself placing gifts under the Christmas tree. With her new video, Gilbert has ensured that there is loads of joy to go around for everyone.

While her latest offering may sound as Christmassy as you could get, there’s so much more to Gilbert than just holiday jazz music. An all-around talent, Gilbert has released over a dozen albums, ranging from jazz to alternative pop-rock, and even to EDM. In addition to her brilliant career in music, she has also been a broadcast radio host for over a decade and has worked as a voiceover talent for many years, doing national commercials for McDonald’s, Cadillac, Quizno’s, and many more.

Commenting on this latest video, Gilbert, expounds, “Working on ‘Wrapped Up in a Dream Called You’ was definitely a career highlight. I’ve been a fan of the work of the songwriters Ken Morrison and Steve Rice (the latter of which plays piano on the track) for years. We first began talking about my releasing it back in about 2014, but busy schedules and a few deaths in my family put it on the back burner for a while.

It was one of those songs that kept haunting me though. It so encapsulates the best elements of 40s jazz even though it was written in contemporary times, and I loved how timeless it felt that it worked both today and yesterday, as if I’d traveled back in time to find a song that fits me like a glove. (And I’m a total sucker for time travel storylines.) I wanted to wait until I had time to give it the attention I knew it deserved, and I’m so glad I waited. This was definitely the right time and moment.

Steve and I have never met in person; we were due to connect in-studio to work on more songs while he was in Los Angeles in March – but the same week Covid lockdowns began. We’ve spoken on the phone many times and I’m so grateful to have this track on my new album. It so embodies the romance and charm of the holiday season, and really warms the heart any time of year. I can’t wait to work with him again, hopefully in person when it’s safe to work outside our local bubbles again.”

Composed of a mix of ten iconic songs, Warm Winter is one of Gilbert’s most exciting works yet. The album features Gilbert putting her own spin on some famous songs written by legendary songwriters such as David Foster, Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac, and Andrew Lloyd Webber. This isn’t just a plain old covers album either; it’s ten unique reimaginings that sound nothing like the originals.

To help her re-conceptualize these songs, Gilbert worked with an impressive team of musicians and songwriters, including composer and violinist Andrew Joslyn, (Leslie Odom Jr., Macklemore and Lewis, Suzanne Vega), composer, orchestrator, and film scorer Dana Bisignano (Oprah, VH1, and Curb Your Enthusiasm), and award-winning TV and film composer Jonathan Still (Dancing With The Stars, Shameless, Inside the NFL).

With hopefully the worst behind us, Warm Winter is the festive-themed album we’ve been waiting for. So grab another mug of hot chocolate, curl up on the couch, and let Gilbert do the rest.

Artwork for ‘Warm Winter’ by Natalie Nicole Gilbert