With a sultry, smoky voice and excess style to burn, Kandle is a crooning powerhouse writing empowering, personal tunes straight from the heart. Wrapped in romantic cabaret vibes, the singer-songwriter’s recent single, “Lock and Load,” sounds like the music from a Bond film that actually might be worth watching. The BC-born Kandle (full name Kandle Osborne) combines pop, rock, blues, and jazz into her own brand of beautifully-raw music. With an upcoming album in the works, Kandle is set to continue carving her own path through the modern music industry. After struggling to escape restrictive album contracts that kept her from fully exploring her own sounds, this talented artist is now poised and eager to stand tall as her own musical woman.

That struggle has been a harrowing journey for Kandle, and she is taking an opportunity to celebrate the woman who “keep me fighting, writing, and inspired” in this Women of Rock session. Keeping it contemporary, Kandle highlights the wonderful women fighting to make the world a more beautiful, equal, and musical place. From some major Canadian frontwomen to her very own cousin, Kandle Osborne celebrates her latest single, newfound independence, and upcoming album with a look at the women who made it all possible.

1. Louise Burns

Louise is a writer, performer, producer, mentor, and all-around badass. After spending most of her youth in the hugely successful pop-rock band Lillix, she decided to continue her musical journey independently and went on to make four solo albums and co-write with tons of cool artists from Orville Peck to yours truly! Louise took me under her wing when I was nothing more than a 17-year-old weirdo with a guitar and some real dark tunes. She taught me a lot about writing, singing, and how to be a woman in a male-dominated industry.”

2. Leah Fay

“Who doesn’t love this powerhouse July Talk frontwoman? Leah is fearless, beautiful, and has a huge, open heart. This former label mate of mine has blown me away over the years with her talents and brave, bold actions directed towards changing the way that women are perceived in music. Last year I was in a dark hole; I had lost nearly everything and shut myself off from the world. Leah gave me endless love and support when I made the decision to fight for my freedom and break my contracts. For many months in 2019, Leah and my lawyer were the only people I talked to. Her support and wisdom held me together and inspired me to continue to write, rock, and let go of my trauma.”

Artwork for “Lock & Load” by Kandle

3. Kendel Carson

“If you’re a Canadian music fan, chances are you’ve been mesmerized by this incredible woman at one time or another. Kendel is a surreal fiddle player and chill-inducing vocalist with an abundance of natural, jaw-dropping talent. Her musical instincts are outstanding and all she has to do is close her eyes and the music moves through her. We met early in my career and I was over the moon to discover that she was a fan of the music I was creating. Since then, I try to snag her for live shows whenever our crazy schedules align! Her playing is beautiful, her heart is huge, and she reminds me constantly of the pure joy making music can bring, which is easy to forget when you’re consumed with business and drowning in algorithms, grants, and schmoozing. We are currently in the studio together making a Neil Young covers album just for the hell of it! Oh Kendel,  you have my heart!”

4. Sarah Osborne

“It’s not just a coincidence; Sarah and I share more than a last name. Indeed, she’s my cousin! She is a self-taught, incredible singer-songwriter who does everything from live sound tech to marine biology. Her endless creativity constantly inspires me to keep learning and improving. Her smooth, jazzy, soulful voice will give you chills as she sings about environmental issues, toxic relationships, and a bartending octopus! Sarah and I navigate the hardships of this industry together, and she is always there to pick me up when I fall down and take a three-hour-long beach walk with me to talk about music, life, and healing through songwriting.”

5. Debra-Jean Creelman

“This classically trained founding member of Mother Mother is nothing but a beautiful soul consumed with a love for music which is pure and true. We bonded over having similar traumas in our lives, but rather than dwell on the past, she encouraged us to start weekly zoom dates where we talk and write together. And she’s even begun giving me vocal lessons to help me learn to breathe through anxiety and fear and channel those feelings into a strong performance. This insanely talented woman has no ego and a massive heart, and her music is so beautiful and unique. Thanks to her brilliant ideas and drive for joy in these hard times, we wrote and produced a Christmas song in just a couple of days!”