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Evanescence Take Flight at Rock Falcon Studio in Nashville, Tennessee [Show Review]



Evanescence by P.R.Brown

On December 4th, Evanescence performed material from their newest album, The Bitter Truth, as an isolated live stream for 10 dollars admission. The concert itself was presented humbly, with lead singer Amy Lee, guitarist Troy McLawhorn, and drummer Will Hunt broadcasting from Rock Falcon Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Simultaneously, bassist Tim McCord and guitarist Jen Majura were dialled in remotely from California and Germany. Nick Raskulinecz, producer for The Bitter Truth, was at the controls at Rock Falcon Studio for the entire production.

We are now months into a global lockdown, and bands (and their fans) are trying to find ways to keep upbeat, motivated, and connected through their material. With many groups throwing together live streams with a limited (or no) budget, credit must go out to some of the better lockdown live performances put forward by artists for a 2020 live experience. And credit must now go out to Evanescence for being one of the bands delivering something meaningful to their fans with their December 4th paid streaming event.

Amy Lee started off this live stream by reading through fans’ questions and answering them in her home studio. Doing this allowed for some fan-generated questions to disclose how The Bitter Truth’s writing and creation occurred. From these questions and answers, we learned that there were only three to four songs recorded pre-lockdown, and the rest were done in sessions with Amy at her house with members that were able/comfortable attending. They spent some time writing together in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. Lee described being isolated together at the ski resort and creating music together as an influence on the material on The Bitter Truth. One fan asked about the keyboard pre-sets used on “Swimming Home,” and Lee walked off camera, grabbed said keyboard, set it up quickly, and carried her (laptop/phone) over to the keyboard, candidly showing viewers these settings. It was an insightful question and answer session, loaded with album details and pearls like the keyboard settings for eager fans.

The live performance was handled well. The band performed nine songs over an hour, bringing in new material, some classics and rarities, and a lovely cover of “Glory Box” by Portishead to close off the show. Amy introduced “The Only One” as a song they hadn’t played live in almost a decade and said they wanted to play it because the lyrics seemed more relevant at the moment. New songs “The Game is Over” and “Use My Voice” made their live debut on this stream. From the descriptors on the quickly sold out pre-orders, the audio from this live stream will be included as the bonus disc within the deluxe edition of The Bitter Truth.


Evanescence’s first album of original music in a decade, The Bitter Truth, will be released on March 26th, 2021 via BMG Records. You can pre-order the album now, via the band’s official website.

Evanescence: A Live Session From Rock Falcon Studio Setlist:

1. Wasted on You
2. The Game is Over (live debut)
3. The Only One (first time live since 2011)
4. Sick
5. Going Under
6. Use My Voice (live debut)
7. Bring Me to Life
8. Lost in Paradise
9. Glory Box (Portishead cover)

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