Stone Cottage Studios, a Colorado-based Music Discovery Platform in support and promotion of local and visiting musicians, has released a new Artist Session with local singer-songwriter Dafna. Dafna released her debut album, I LOVE YOU, on September 25 and performs a few of the new songs with Aleix Lyon and Katie Faith Leonard in an intimate, stripped set while sharing the stories and inspiration behind them.

Stone Cottage Studios’ Artist Sessions are an interview-style series where musicians have a chance to tell their stories and connect with fans and followers on a deeper level. They record the discussions and performance with top quality technology and filmmakers to provide audiences with an incredible digital experience.

Dafna is excited to play her music in the way it was meant to be presented to an audience. “When I write music, I’m writing it alone at the piano just thinking about the lyrics and the way they interact with the melody,” says Dafna. “So a stripped-down session of just me and the piano is the best way to truly encapsulate what I was feeling when I wrote these songs.”

Boulder, CO-based singer Dafna released her debut album I LOVE YOU on September 25th. The CU Boulder student’s release is about the emotional journey that comes with rejection. Each song represents a part of the acronym I LOVE YOU and tells a different part of that journey, covering topics of sadness, denial, (a brief interlude of oneirophrenia where dreams and reality are blended together), and the anger that comes with the journey of moving on. “u and me,” the final track on the album is an anthem for acceptance – at the conclusion of her journey, Dafna is ready to move forward and meet a new muse.

Stone Cottage Studios aims to provide local and outside artists with opportunities to explore their musical creativity and connect with other creatives. The Artist Sessions are just another outlet the group gives to artists who are looking to grow their following and personal strengths. “We strive to help musicians with marketing and visibility by distributing the full 30-minute session and individual song performances across available media channels,” says Stone Cottage Studios. “It’s all about capturing musicians at their best and music discovery across genres!”


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