You could say that Ratinoff is in a good place where he stands right now. In fact, you could say that he has reached his musical apex with his recently released self-titled debut album that dropped in September via Creative Entertainment Network/The Orchard. With three singles and videos from the album already released that have racked up nearly 450,000 views, Ratinoff is back with single and video number four, “Coming Home.”

The song is indicative of the bold, retro-themed sound you’ll find on the record with the singer and songwriter’s admiration for retro influences apparent throughout the album’s eight tracks. There’s an infectious energy that runs through the album from beginning to end, with an ‘80s spirit and sense of humour that’s quite apparent in the music videos for the recently released singles. Although this is largely Ratinoff’s creation, he couldn’t have done it with such fervour and style without the help of producer Aldo Muñoz, and the Grammy Award-nominated Wes Sharon, known for his work with Parker Millsap and Turnpike Troubadours.

About “Coming Home” and its origins, Ratinoff told us, “I wrote the song when I was traveling and feeling a bit homesick, I remember it was a very hot day, and I was in a room with the air conditioner on full blast, I could hear people outside laughing and having fun, and all I could think about was being back home, missing the chill of the cold weather. When we started working on the video it took on a new meaning and the longing for home turned to a longing for a brighter place for the county, a place where we find unity and the comforts of home.”

Burdened with creativity, purpose, and inspiration, Ratinoff only thinks in big and bold terms. Solely focused on carving out his own path forward, he has conjured up a sound that extends beyond the boundaries of genres, mixing very personal subject matter with a 1980s alternative rock sound and energy. The release of his debut album comes as quite an evolution for the artist who was previously an emerging Latin pop star known as Joaquin Torres with two of his singles receiving over 500,000 YouTube views. When 2019 came along, Torres knew it was time to reinvent himself which led him to legally change his name to Ratinoff and also change his musical direction. One of the greatest catalysts for this reinvention was a baptism that he received last year. It was the second baptism he had received, but the first as an adult to which he credits with renewing his musical creativity.

This spiritual renewal resulted in Ratinoff looking back to the influences of Joy Division, New Order, Billy Idol, and The Cure to find direction forward. It’s worked wonders for him as an artist with Ratinoff just now reaching for and achieving the best musical version of himself.

Artwork for ‘Ratinoff’ by Ratinoff