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Phantom Atlantic – “No Way to Live” [Free Song Download]



Merging stadium-rock grandeur and indie-rock precision, Phantom Atlantic is a sharply immersive experience careening from foundational drum work to rafter-scraping guitar lines. Since forming in 2017, the Toronto quartet reins in listeners with a powerful brand of alt-rock which pulses primally and viscerally, carried by the surging vocal work of lead singer Kyle Brunet. Now offering their newest single, “No Way to Live”, as a free song download, Phantom Atlantic has proffered the perfect opportunity to enjoy their music.

The anthemic tune, produced by Steve Molella of Finger Eleven fame, starts with choral backing before the bass kicks into gear and plates the first verse. As Brunet rallies the troops, everything coalesces and leads listeners towards the howling choruses which actualize the tune’s soaring energies.

On the song, Brunet offers the following: “I was choosing severe selfishness, self-deception, and really hurting people. ‘No Way to Live’ came from reaching a boiling point and just wanting to drop an anvil on my life, which was getting out of control. The title is on the nose for a reason. There was so much bullshitting myself and others going on, and it was time to say something out in the open that was unequivocally true.”

Embrace the call to action and grab yourself a copy of the propellant “No Way to Live.”

Artwork for “No Way to Live” by Phantom Atlantic