We too easily get hung up on this idea of perfection, sometimes measuring ourselves by what we believe other people think about us. Do you know what Megan Freedman says to that? Disregard it, all, every little piece of it. It’s an important point to get across, especially in our modern society, where people are constantly being judged in shallow ways on platforms such as social media.

In her latest single, “Perfect,” the singer and songwriter discuss her painful teenage experiences when she was bullied and made to feel inadequate by other people her age. It was a difficult time that not only made her feel sad, but also angry, and “Perfect” is a positive, expressive response to these struggles.

With some words on the motivations behind this song, Freedman said, “In high school, I was bullied by someone who was supposed to be a role model to me. It took a major toll on my mental and physical health that took five years to recover from. ‘Perfect’ is a song that I wrote to myself as a teenager telling her she isn’t defined by other people’s rude comments… I wanted to create something that I would have been excited to hear when I was a kid.”

As you may have expected based on the subject matter of “Perfect,” Freedman is a very open and honest artist who’s not shy about discussing life’s less glamorous aspects. The bullying she faced as a teenager stretched into her early years in the music industry, but she has found a way to rise above it all and channel her innermost creativity. The Canadian country and Americana artist started to gain traction as a musician after she moved to Kelowna, British Columbia in 2015 to not only be closer to her family, but also to kickstart her solo career. Her debut album, Wild and Free, followed in 2018 which was recorded in her native California with a group of talented musicians who have previously backed up the likes of Macy Gray, Dwight Yoakum, and Beyoncé. The album was a success, with the lead single “Roots & Wings” garnering a 2019 Global Music Award for Outstanding Achievement.

“Perfect” is the lead single to Freedman’s new EP, recorded at Bryan Adams’ Warehouse Studio in Vancouver. The EP explores the many experiences she’s had, living as a dual citizen between Canada and the United States. “Perfect” unpacks one of these many experiences and gives you a preview of the strong, and personal approach Freedman has applied to her evocative songwriting.

Artwork for ‘Perfect’ by Megan Freedman