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Alt-Metalcore Crew Crostpaths Reveal the Ten Songs that Changed Their Lives

Alt-nu-metalcore band Crostpaths are on a ‘Rampage’ with their new single and here’s ten tracks that changed their lives.



Unstoppable alt-metal crew Crostpaths continue their ascension with the launch of their sophomore EP, Mutated, out November 27th. Ahead of the release, we chatted with the nu-metalcore outfit’s members—Ritchie Murray Jack (lead vox), Owain Lewis (bass, vox), Michael Edwards (lead guitar), and James Mason (drums, percussion)—to find out about the songs that changed these musicians’ lives.

Before we get onto that, though, it’s mandatory that you check out the video for their brilliant new single, “Rampage.”

1. Muse – “Super Massive Black Hole” (Black Holes and Revelations, 2006 Helium 3, Warner Bros.)

Mikey: “This was the first riff that I ever learned on the guitar so it holds a lot of sentimental value for me. It’s a great piece of music that’s weird but really simplistic too. It taught me simplicity can be cool and more impactful sometimes.”

2. Mammal – “Smash The Piñata” (The Majority, 2008, MGM)

Mace: “So much groove, all about the drums and bass. This also showed me the value and importance of putting meaning into your music.”

3. Jimmy Eat World – “A Praise Chorus” (Bleed American, 2001, Dreamworks)

Owain: “A song that defined me personally. A pop-punk song with a breakdown that harkens back to the past. It’s also just great to sing along to.”

4. Luciano Michelini – “Frolic”

Ritchie: “Larry David felt that this obscure piece would be the perfect theme music for Curb Your Enthusiasm. I often drift through life as if it’s one grand ridiculous sitcom, walking from one monumental fuck up to the next, subconsciously humming or whistling this absolute earworm.”

5. Bring Me The Horizon – “Shadow Moses” (Sempiternal, 2013, RCA)

Mikey: “This one’s BRUTAL! Really hard to narrow it down as I like BMTH across the board and they really change it up all of the time. This song vibes with me because of the percussive element throughout the track. It gets you moving and just makes you wanna go crazy!”

6. Zebrahead – “Anthem” (Broadcast To The World, 2006 Icon Mes)

Mace: “If we’re talking songs that LITERALLY changed our lives, this pop-punk stupidity gave me so much positivity as a very early teen.”

7. Scatman John – “Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)” (Scatman’s World, 2006, RCA)

Ritchie: “Absolute banger isn’t it? Probably one of the best couch skits by Beavis and Butt-Head too. The true pioneers of the ‘reaction’ video format.”

8. Rush – “YYZ” (Moving Pictures, 1991, Anthem)

Owain: “The sheer musicianship in this song is all that needs to be spoken about. Three guys who worked so well together and created music that will truly live on FOREVER.”

9. John Cage – “4’33”

Ritchie: “…”

10. Linkin Park – Any track from Hybrid Theory (2000, Warner Bros)

Crostpaths: “We all like to contribute tracks towards lists like these so we can give a full spectrum perspective of the whole band. Mikey went for ‘Points of Authority,’ Mace chose ‘For The Itch’ and Owain and Ritchie both said ‘Papercut.’ In fairness it really could be any track from this flawless record. One of a very, very, very short list of bands/albums that we all unanimously love.”

Artwork for ‘Mutated’ by Crostpaths

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